100 Banned Books - Karolides

A Bunch of Wild Flowers - Outhwaite

A Gazetteer of the State of New York - Fold-Out Map - Spafford

A History of Country House Visiting - Adrian Tinniswood

A History of Yamba and Bluka

A Hstory of Northumberland - Leslie Hepple

A Land of Liberty - Julian Hoppit

A Light History of Hot Air - Peter Doherty

A Long Way Home - Charles Granquist

A Mad Bad and Dangerous People - Boyd Hilton

A New England - Searle

A Pioneer Pastor - Thomas Sharpe of Norfolk Islandn & Bathurst

A Polite and Commercial People - Paul Langford

A Short History of Agriculture in the British Colonies - Masefield

A Short History of the River Murray Works

A Short History of the River Murray Works - Title Page

A Spaniard in the Works

A Sugar Cane Farm - Honour

A Taste of Woollahra

A Town Called Port - John Moyes

A Village Called Arncliffe - R. W. Rathbone

A Vision Takes Form - Robert Emerson Curtis

Acacias of Southeast Australia - Terry Tame

Aero Modeller Annual 1958-9

Airship Saga - Lord Ventry

Album of San Francisco Cal - Photo Views

Album of San Francisco Views - Panorama

Album of Sydney Views - Cover

Album of Sydney Views - Panorama

All About Origami

Allcot - Marine Artist - Spine

Along the Line in Tasmania - Book 1 - Government Lines

Alvaro Siza - the Function of Beauty

American Patriot - Robert Coram

An Album of Greater New York Views

An Historical Gazeteer of Old Yamba Town - Stuart Lee

Archaeology of Lake Innes House - Graham

Ardennes 1944 - Antony Beevor

Arid Lands of Australia - Spine

Art Treasures of Seoul with walking tours - Edward B. Adams

Art of F. McCubbin

Art of Florence

Art of Florence - Side View

Art of Love - Ovid Title Page

Art of Shetland Lace - Sarah Don

Ashes - Ken Piesse

Ashfield Presbyterian Church 1876-1976

Ashfield Scrapbook No 6

Ashfield Scrapbook No. 7

Australia's First Government House - Department of Planning

Australian Aboriginal Paintings - Jennifer Isaacs

Australian Architects - Ken Woolley

Australian Banana Industry - An Economic Survey

Australian Bushranging - Charles White

Australian Colonial Architecture - Cox & Lucas

Australian Farming 1788 - 1965 - Samuel Wadham

Australian Honeyeaters - Hugh Officer

Australian Native Gardens - Diana Snape

Australian Prints

Backyard of Mars - Emery Barcs

Ballet - Cecil Beaton

Bankstown - The Years of Endeavour

Bates Smart - Philip Goad

Beef Mutton & Wool - Kelly

Biloela To Boambilly - Claire Wagner

Birds of Australia - J. D. Macdonald

Bismarck - A Life - Jonathan Steinberg

Black Record - Germans Past & Present - Sir Robert Vansillart

Blanche - An Australian Diary

Blessed John Neumann - W. Frean

Boggabri - The Story of Our Town

Boggabri Public School - Centenary of Education 1873-1973

Bohemian London

Book of St Andrew's Cathedral

Bottlebrushes Paperbarks & Tea Trees - Wrigley & Fagg

Bowenfels - Yvonne Jenkins

Braidwood Gold Fields 1850-1860s - Roslyn Helen Maddrall

Braque - The Penguin Modern Painters

Brett Whiteley - Sandra McGrath

Bush Capital - Roger Pegrum

By the Old Walls of Kyoto - Harold Stewart

CSR Pyrmont Refinery Centenary 1978 Photography Project

Cambridge - John Steegman

Camden College - A Centenary History

Cannery Row - John Steinbeck Spine & Slip-Case Cover

Capricornia - Xavier Herbert

Captain Richards' House at Winterbourne - Graham Connah

Cazneaux - The Quiet Observer

Celebrated Cases of Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Centenary of St. Andrew's Church - Singleton 1837-1937

Children of the Bush - Henry Lawson - Side view

Children of the Bush - Henry Lawson - Spine

China in a Mirror - Roland & Sabrina Michaud

Churchill's Secret War - Robin Denniston

Cloudstreet - Tim Winton

Coldest Winter - David Halberstam

Colonial City Global City - Sydney's International Exhibition 1879

Commander in Cheat - Rick Reilly

Commonwealth Bureau of Soil Science - Harold Temapny

Complete Book of Jaguar - Nigel Thorley

Complete Poems of Bronte's Set - Spines

Complete Poems of Charlotte Bronte - Spine

Complete Poems of Emily Jane Bronte - Spine

Contact - HMAS Rushcutter & Australia's Submarine Hunters 1939-1946

Convict Timbergetters of Pennant Hills - Ralph Hawkins

Cottage Gardens in Australia - Peter Cuffley

D-Day - Antony Beevor

Darling Mother Darling Son - Edith Ziegler

Darwin Spitfires - Anthony Cooper

Das alte Dresden - Fritz Loffler

David Dridan - Title Page & Signature

Deadly Element - Lennard Bickel

Dear linda - Alana Valentine

Decca - The Letters of Jessica Mitford

Design of Sydney - Peter Webber

Dictionary of Australasian Biography - Mennell - Spine

Dictionary of World Biography - Barry Jones

Diseases of Domestic Animals in Australia - Seddon

Downfall - Aaron Patrick

E. G. Waterhouse of Eryldene - Title Page

Early Colonial Houses of NSW - Rachel Roxburgh

Early History of the Cheyne Beach Whaling Company - Mary Birss

Early Wesleyans of Pennant Hills - Barker & Hawkins

Earth Spirit Fire - Korean masterpieces of the Choson dynasty

East Timor - John Taylor

Economic & Technical Problems of Australia's Rural Industries - Williams

Edmund T. Blacket - Architect Sydney

Eiphnaiot - Joannes Ernestus Grabe - Title Page

End - Germany 1944-45 - Ian Kershaw

Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks - Beatlehole Set - Covers

Endeavour Journal of Joseph Banks - Beatlehole Side View

English Castle - Hugh Braun

Every Move You Make - David Malouf

Fairfield - A Pictorial History - Brenda Pittard

Fairweather - A Retrospective Exhibition

Famous Australian Artists - Lois Hunter

Feast of Rose Garlands - Albrecht Durer

Fire & Sustatnable Agricultural & Forestry Development in Eastern Indonesia & Northern Australia - ACIAR Proceedings No. 91

First Settlement - Jonathan King

Flight Attendant's Shoe - Prudence Black

Flying the Southern Skies - Hal Sewell

Fort Denison - James Semple Kerr

France - The Dark Years 1940-1944 - Julian Jackson

Frederick Robert D'Arcy - Andy Macqueen

Gateway to the South - First Stop Sylvania - Salt

Gazetteer of teh State of New York - Spafford

Gazetteer of the State of New York - Spafford - Side View

Gazetteer of the State of New York - Spafford - Spine

Generalissimo Churchill - Thompson

Glebe - Portraits and Places - Freda MacDonnell

Glen Davis - Leonie Knapman

Gormenghast Set - Covers - Peake

Gowan Brae - The First Hundred Years

Grace Cossington Smith - Bruce James

Grain and its Future - Cooper Centenary

Granville from Forest to Factory

Great Warming - Brian Fagan

Guy Boyd

Happily Ever After - Susannah Fullerton

Hardy Wilson & his Old Colonial Architecture - Cyril Pearl

Hargrave PArk - Never Heard of it - Beverley Donald

Hawthorne Canal - Mark Sabolch

Heart of the Rocks of Old Sydney - Isadore Brodsky

Heritage of Canterbury Municipality

Heroes of the Kabuki Stage

Highways To A War - Christopher J. Koch

Historic Churches of Australia - Reed

Hollywood Talks Turkey - Doug McClelland

Holroyd - Grace Karskens

Home of the Surrealists - Antony Penrose

Homes in the Sky - Apartment Living in Australia

Illustrated Encyclopaedia of the Classical World - Michael Ari Yonab & Israel Shatzman

Impressions of Woollahra - Past and Present

In Search of Ancestry - Gerald Hamilton-Edwards

In Search of My Father - Helena Popovic

In The Frame - Helen Mirren

Introduction to New Guinea Pidgin - Father Mihalic

Islands of Sydney Harbour - Simon Davies

Jack's Journey - Kit Cullen

James Barnet - Colonial Architect - Bridges & McDonald

Janet Hawley - Artists in Conversation

Jeffrey Smart

Ji - Signs & Symbols of Japan - Maeda

John Allcott - Marine Artist - Slipcase & Spine

John Curtain's War - Volume 1

John Horbury Hunt - Radical Architect 1838-1904

John Perceval - Margaret Plant

John Wolseley Land Marks II - Sasha Grishin

Journal of Daniel Paine 1794-1797 - Knight & Frost

Journal of a Voyage to NSW - John White

Journeyings - Janet McCalman

Joy of X - Michael Willers

Kill Devil Hill - Combs & Caidin

King Albert's Book

Kings Cross - Anne-Maree Whitaker

Knights and Peasants - Nicholas Wright

Kogarah Historical Society - the Carlton Story - R. W. Rathbone

Kokoda - Paul Ham

Kookaburra - Hooper

Korea's Cultural Roots - Covell

Kristin Lavransdatter - Sigrid Undset

Lachlan Macquarie - Governor of NSW - Title Page

Lady Bird & The Fox - Kim Kelly

Land Settlement & Selection in the Belltree Region Upper Hunter Valley 1861-1901 - Judy White

Last Kooradgie - John Meredith

Lawrence - History of a Clarence River Settlement

Lazarus Rising - John Howard

Leon Battista Alberti - Anthony Grafto

Leon Battista Alberti - Anthony Grafton

Lest We Forget - Wahrman

Letters From A Young Queenslander - cover

Letters from a Young Queenslander - Side View

Libya - Robert Polidori

Life of Matthew Flinders - Ernest Scott

Life of an Amorous Woman - Ihara Saikaku

Lilac City - William Bayley

Lion and the Dragon - Christopher Cook

Living Stones - Lela Barlow

Living Stones - Volume 1

Lord Howe Island - Raboni

Lot 48 Darling Street Balmain - Ed Maureen Byrne

Luck of the Draw - Ted Sly

Lure of Fly-Tying - Fadg Griffiths

Man Who Loved Children - Christina Stead

Manly to Palm Beach - Alan Sharpe

Manual of Military Law - Spine

Manual of Military Law - War Office 1914 - Title Page

Marine Officer Convict Wife - Alan Roberts

Material Culture of the Peoples of the Gwembe Valley - Barrie Reynolds

Mates - The Friendship that sustained Henry Lawson - Gregory Bryan

McAlpin's Test Kitchen Recipes

McCubbin - Last Impressions 1907-17

Memories of My Mother - Pioneer Womens Hut

Mid-Victorain Generation - Theodore Hoppen

Migrants or Mages - Italina Life in Australia - Ganfranco Cresciani

Mistress To Kafka - Margarete Buber-Neumann

Misty Moderns - Australina Tonalists 1915-1930

Modern Girls - Shining Stars - the Skies of Tokyo

Modern Man In Searth of a Soul - C G Jung

Monty - nigel Hamilton

Moonshots - 50 Years - Piers Bizony

Moonshots - Piers Bizony

Most Wonderful Books - Dorris & Buchwald

Moths of Australia - Bernard Aurera

Mountain Speaks - Helen Hannah

Must Australia Fight - Idriess - Side View

Must Australia Fight - Ion Idriess

My Berlin Suitcase -Bern Brent

My Hiroshima - Junko Morimoto

Mysterious Baron of Castle Hill - Karlene Dimbrosky

Myth of Open Spaces - Forsyth - Title Page

Myths of Mexico & Peru - Lewis Spence

NSW Wheat Frontier 1851 to 1911 - Robinson

Naming of Names - Anna Pavord

Native Born

Ned Kelly - 27 Paintings by Sidney Nolan

New England and the South Seas - Ernest Dodge

New Look - The Dior Revolution - nigel Cawthorne

New Oxford History of England Set - Covers

New South Wales General Standing Orders - Governor King Title Page

New South Wales General Standing Orders - Side View

New South Wales General Standing Orders - Side View in Slip-Case

New Topiary - Hammer

Norfolk Life - Haggard & Williamson - Title Page

Nyngan on the Bogan 1883-1983

Ochre & Rust - Philip Jones

Old Books Old Friends Old Sydney - James R. Tyrrell

Old Franciscan Missions of California - James - Spine

Old Franciscian Missions of California - James

Old Francisican Missions of California - James - Side View

On Rare Birds - Anita Albus

On the Track - Henry Lawson

One False Move - Robert Macklin

One Halal of a Story - Sam Dastiari Signature

One Halal of a Story - Sam Dastyari

Operation Suicide - Robert Lyman

Origin of Plants - Maggie Campbell-Culver

Ornamental Cast Iron in Melbourne - E. Graeme Robertson

Out of Sight Out of Mind - James Semple Kerr

Oxford - Christopher Hobhouse

Palaces of Goa - Helder Carita

Parramatta - Shylie & Ken Brown

Past Days Around The Manning - John Doust

Past Days Around The Manning River - Part 2

Phil May's Sketch Book

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Japanese Culture

Pioneer Register of New England from First Settlement to Federation

Pioneers of Hornsby Shire 1788-1906

Pioneers of Modernism - Harriet Edquist

Portrait of a Friendship - Bryony Cosgrove

Presbyterian Church of Australia - State of NSW 1882 - 1932 - Jubilee Yaer 1932

Queen's Hidden Garden - David Bellamy

Quick Brown Fox - Frank Devine

RAndwick & its School - Robert King

Rail Scene NSW - volume 12 - John Sargent

Rainbow People of God - Desmond Tutu

Rainbow of People of God - Desmond Tutu Signature

Reading by Moonlight - Brenda Walker

Renzo Piano - Renzo Piano

Ring Of Steel - Alexander Watson

River Improvemnet Land Drainage & Flood Protection - Lewis East

Rogues' March - Robert Travers

Royal Mews - Stewart-Wilson & Cripps

Rural Sociology - Crawford & Henderson

Sandhurst to Glenhaven 1889-1989

Scotland's Lost Houses - Gow

Scouting in St. George - 1908-1983 - Count Donegan

Scrolls of Fire - Beth Hatefulsoth

Selected Automobile Tours in Great Britain

Seven Hills - Jack Broock

Seven Pillars of Wisdom - Lawrence Spine

Seven Pillars of Wisdom - T E Lawrence Side View

Shakespeare's Coutnry - John Russell

Shalimar the Clown - Salman Rushdie

Shaping of Hornsby Shire

Shopping in the Renaissance - Evyln Welch

Sirenaeus - Grabe - Oxon 1702 - Spine

Sirenaeus - Grabe - Spine

Soil & Civilization - Elyne Mitchell

Some Tested Recipes - Gwen Hughes

Songs from the Hills - Bernard O'Reilly

South Sydney - Anne-Maree Whitaker

Spinoza's Theory of Knowledge - Parkinson Title Page

Sport on the Pamir Steppes - Major Cumberland

St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church - Narrabri

Stanley Spencer RA

Stockyard Bar - Experpts from Banjo Paterson Pomes

Storm Over Kokoda - Peter Ewer

Student's History of Philosophy - Rogers -

Sydney - A Social Atlas - Ronald Horvath

Sydney Opera House - Jorn Utzon - Philip Drew

Sydney Sailors Home - Jan Bowen

Tales of Fresh-Water Fishing - Zane Grey

Ten Days To D-Day - David Stafford

Titus Groan - Mervyn Peake

Tjukurrpa - Desert Paintings of Central Australia

Town Planning in Australia - John Sulman

Traces of the Brush - The Art of Japanese Calligraphy

Trip of a Lifetime - Liz Byrski

Turbulent Years - J. T. Lang

Utzon - Jorn Utzon State Memorial

VC's of the Air - John Frayn Turner

Vermeer - The Complete Works - Karl Shulz

Victorian History 1835-1900 - Guy Featherstone

Victorian Rural Statistics - Season 1963-64 - Title Page

Villains and Vigilantes - Stanton Coblentz

Voyage of HMS Pandora - Edwards & Hamilton Spine

Wake - Keith Shackleton

Wessex - Ralph Dutton

When I Was King - Henry Lawson - Side View

When I Was King - Henry Lawson - Spine

Where did we come from - Ginette Snow

Whist - Dr. W. Polb

Wild Colonial Boys - Frank Clune

Wilderness - Suzanne Falkiner

Wildflowers of Western Australia - Gardner

Wilful Murder - Diana Preston

William Robinson - Lou Klepac

Work of Robert Adam - Geofrey Beard

World of Surfing - Duke Kahanamoku

Yellow Dog - Martin Amis

You Are God's Building - Raymond Nobbs

Zhengshauang Print Making

dictionary of Australasian Biography - Memmell - Side View

ormenghast - Mervyn Peake

rom digging sticks to writing sticks - Stories of Kija women

titus Alone - Mervyn Peake