1000 Years of English Literature - Chris Fletcher

20th Century British Marine Painting - Denys Brook -Hart

75 - The Australian Women's Weekly

A Bibliograph of British Naval History - Manwaring Title Page

A Bibliography of British Naval History - Manwaring Spine

A Brief Description of the Principal Monuments - The Egyptian Museum - Cairo

A Brief Guide to The Dome of the Rock and Al-Haram Al-Sharif - The Supreme AWQAF Council

A Collection of Shoalhaven History Set

A Commonwaelth of Thieves - Thomas Keneally

A Connecticut Yankee in the 8th Gurkha Rifles - Scott Gilmore

A Cook's Tour - Roy Norris

A Design For Living - Lillian Langseth-Christensen

A Dissertation upon The Distinctions in Society and Ranks of the People under the Anglo-Saxon Governments - Samuel Heywood Title Page

A Fence Around The Cuckoo and Fishing In The Styx - Signed Title Page

A Fence Around the Cuckoo & Fishing in the Styx - Ruth Park

A Flier's World - Wolfgang Langewiesche

A Fool's Gold - Lynette Ramsay Silver

A Fortnight in Rome - Gordom Cooper

A History of Camden Set

A History of Wood Engraving - Albert Garrett

A Nursery Companion - Opie

A Parting Shot - Terry Jones & Steven Carruthers

A Place of Light & Learning - Malcolm Thomas

A Proper Spectacle - Women Olympians 1900-1936 - Daniels & Tedder

A Son of The Red Centre - Johannsen

A Taste of Ginger - Hadley Somerville

A Touch of Greece in Junction Street - Robyn

A Writer's World - Jan Morris

A Writer's World - Jan Morris Signature

A. E. Woodward Signature

ABC of French Food - Len Deighton

ARS Hispaniae - Historia Universal De Arte Hispanico

Aboriginal Australian Art - A Visual Perspective

Air War Diary - David Scholes

Airplane - Jay Spenser

Amelia Earhart Incident - Thomas Devine

America Pictured to the Life

An Historian's Approach to Religion - Arnold Toynbee

An Illuminated Life - Heidi Ardizzone

An Index to The Newcastle Section of Various KNAGGS Almanacs

An Introduction to the Deer of Australia - Arthur Bentley

An Unseemly Man - Larry Flynt

An Unseemly Man - Larry Flynt Signed Card & Title Page

And Fortune Fled - David Lloyd George the First Democratic Statesman - Michael Graham Fry

Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 - Perrett

Art in Australia - Pottery as a Profession - The Sydney Art School - Jean Curlewis

Art in Australia - Sydney Number

Art in Australia - The Recent Wor of Elioth Gruner

As Others See Chicago - Bessie Louise Pierce

As Others See Chicago - Pierce Spine

Aurora Australis - Shackleton

Australia Beautiful - Sydney

Australia's Colonial Culture - George Nadel

Australia's First Government House - Dept of Planning

Australia's Gold Rushes - Robert Coupe

Australian Birds of Prey - Plate

Australian Birds of Prey - Side View

Australian Birds of Prey - Title Page

Australian Libraries - Munn & Pitt

Australian Photography - A Portfolio

Australian Ripping Yarns - Paul Taylor

Australian Roll of Honour - National Honours & Awards 1975 - 1996

Aviators of The Charles Ulm Era - W. Boulton Signature

Aviators of the Charles Ulm & Kingsford Smith Era - Bob Boulton

Aviators of the Charles Ulm & Kingsford Smith Era - First Day Cover


Back O' Cairns - Ion L. Idriess

Background to Beechworth - Your Guide to Historic Beechworth - Beechworth & the Powder Magazine - Set

Background to Beechworth Group Set

Backhouse & Walker Illawarra & Shoalhaven 1836

Baedekers Rom und Umgebung

Bartholomew's Road Map of England & Wales

Becoming - Michelle Obama

Beechworth Three Item Set

Beecroft and Cheltenham - Beecroft Cheltenham History Group

Beecroft and Cheltenham in WWI - Tony Cunneeen

Before the Wind - Rae Sexton

Beneath Tidal Water - Ed Tonks

Best American Comics - Harvey Pekar

Best American Comics 2006

Best American Comics 2006 - Comic page

Best American Comics 2006 - Harvey Pekar & Anne Elizabeth Moore

Best American Comics 2006 - Signed Title Page

Birds of Edward Lear - Plate

Birds of Edward Lear - The Ariel Press London

Bombay to Bloomsbury - Barbara Caine

Bombay to Bloomsbury - Barbara Caine Inscribed Title Page

Book of Perfumes - Rimmel Cover

Book of Perfumes - Rimmel Side View

Books that Changed My Life - Bethanne Patrick

Born Free - Joy Adamson Set

Bound for Botany bay - Shearer

Brassai - The Secret Paris of the 30's

Brendan Voyage - Tim Severin

Brendan Voyage - Tim Severin Signature

Brisbane On Fire - Calthorpe & Capell

Broadbent's Official Road Guide to Adelaide to Melbourne

Broome Reflected - Bill Bresser

Bullseye - Collectors Edition

Bullseye - Collectors Edition Issue Number 1 Page

Burning Rubber - Charles Jennings

Busselton Set

Cadman's Cottage - Provis & Johnson

Camden Characters Set

Camden History Set

Camden set

Camino - Shirley MacLaine

Camino - Shirley MacLaine Signed Title Page

Camperdown - A History of Camperdown Cemetery & St. Stephen's Newtown

Carbon Club - Marian Wilkinson

Carousel Horse Carving - Ken Hughes

Carving Carousel Animals - H. Le Roy Marlow

Cat That Walked By Himself - Rudyard Kipling

Cemetery of Priscilla

Children's Modern First Editions - Joseph Connolly

China's Grant Strategy and Australia's Futre in the New Global Order - Geoff Raby

Churches of Rome - Roger Thynne - Spine

City of London - David Kynaston

Coles of the Book Arcade - A Biography of E. W. Cole - Cole Turnley

Collecting Old Photographs - Margaret Haler

Colonial Law - Charles Clark Title Page

Colonial Law - Clark Spine

Compleat Angler - Daglish Title Page

Compleat Angler - Walton & Cotton Paperback

Compleat Angler - Walton & Daglish Title Page

Compleat Angler - Walton & Gorsline Title Page

Compleat Angler - Walton - Arthur Rackham

Compleat Angler 1653-1967 - A New Bibliography

Complete Angler - Izaak Walton - Gorsline Side View

Complete Angler 1792 - Side View

Complete Angler 1792 - Spine

Complete Angler 1925

Complete Angler Danish

Complete Sherlock Holmes - Conan Doyle Set Side View

Complete Sherlock Holmes Set - Cover & Spine

Conan the Conqueror - Robert E. Howard

Cook's Traveller's Handbook - Egypt and the Sudan

Cook's Travellers Handbook - Egypt & the Sudan - Side View

Corngrinder - Beverley Johnson

Corpus of Clandestine - Robert Darnton Signature

Corpus of Clandestine Literature in France 1769-1789 - Robert Darnton

Cosmology Ontology and Human Efficacy - Essays in Chinese Thought

Costume through the ages - James Laver

Crash Dive - Arthur Dickison

Cricket Walkabout - D. J. Mulvaney

Damien Parer's War - Neil McDonald

Dapto Set

Dark Angel - Fraser Harrison

Dark Betrayal - Frank B. Walker

Dealer Is The Devil - Adrian Newstead

Decoration of Houses - Edith Wharton Title Page

Decoration of Houses - Wharton & Godman Spine

Deer of Australia - Arthur Bentley

Dictionary of Sea Painters - Archibald

Doctor Number 49 - Grace Warren

Drums of Mer - Idriess

Dwarfs - Harold Pinter

Dwarfs - Harold Pinter Signature

Eagle Mutiny - Linnett

Edwin Lutyens Country Houses - Gavin Stamp

El Alamein - Kelvin Crombie

Escape From Singapore - Richard Gough

Escutcheon Press - Kipling - The Cat That Walked Itself Cover

Evader - T. D. G. Teare

Exploring Exeter - Linda Emery

Fact'ry 'Ands - Edward Dyson

Fate of Felicity Fark in the Land of the Media - Clive James

Fire In The Sky - Michael Molkentin

First Lessons in Political Economy - Walker - Spine

First Lessons in Political Economy - Walker Side View

Five Centuries of Maps & Map-Making

Flanimals - Ricky Gervais

Flanimals - Ricky Gervais Signed Title Page

Floating Brothel - Sian Rees

For Australia and Other Poems - Henry Lawson

For Australia and Other Poems - Henry Lawson - Spine

For The Common Good - Moore Park Golf Club 1920-2---

Forever Free - Joy Adamson

Forever Free - Joy Adamson Set

Fossil Beach Cement Works - Mornington Victoria - Culican & Taylor

France Jura Et Alpes Francaises - Side View

France Jura et Alpes Francaises - Adolphe Joanne

Fremantle Prison - James Sempler Kerr

From Kosciusko To The Sea - Hurley

Gadsden - The First 100 Years - Jules Feldmann

Gatton Mystery - James & Desmond Gibney

German Order of Battle 1944

Ginger Meggs Souvenir Book

Glen Rowan Ian W. Shaw

Gosford - Wyong - History & Heritage - Beryl Stom

Graeme Bell - Australian Jazzman

Great Book of Bombers - Lake

Greatest Plague of Life - Spine

Greatest Plague of Life - Title PAge

Greyfriars Crusaders - Frank Richards Collectors Edition

Growing up in Asquith - Bob Davis

Gubbins & SOE - Wilkinson & Astley

Handwriting - Michael Ondaatje Signature

Handwriting - Poems - Michael Ondaatje

Harper's Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience - Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Have You Eaten Grandma - Gyles Brandreth

He Who Must Be Obeid - Kate McClymont & Linton Besser

Hell's Gates - Paul Collins

Herberton's Hundredth 1880 - 1980

Heritage Photographs Series 1

Heritage Photoraphs Series 1 - 2 - 3 - Set

Heritage of Hunter's Hill - The Hunter's Hill Trust

Hidden Hand - Clive Hamilton & Mareike Ohlberg

Historic Buildings Set

Historic Buildings of Camden - Wrigley

Historic Busselton & History of St. Mary's Busselton Set

History of Baalbek - Michel Alouf with Postcard

History of Baalbek - Michel M. Alouf

History of Sacerdotal Celibacy - Henry Charles Lea

Ho Ho Hoffnung - Gerard Hoffnung

How To Win An Election - Chris Wallace

In Praise of Australia - An Anthology in Prose & Verse

In Search of Breaker morant - Carnegie & Shields

Incompleat Angler - Burnard & Furniss

Indian Summer - Bernadette Earle

Infallible - Hans Kung

Infantry Uniform Set - Wilkinson-Latham Cover & Spine

Infantry Uniforms Set - Wilkinson-Latham Covers

Inner Self - Hugh Mackay

Inside Pine Gap - David Rosenberg

Jerusalem - Map of Jerusalem

John Balmain - Peter Reynolds

John Booth of Balmain

Journey Into The Past - Stefan Zweig

Karl Marx - Jonathan Sperber

LA Lidia Y El Toreo - Side View

La Lidia Y El Toreo - Spine

La Lidia Y El Toreo - Title Page

Last Bourbons of Naples - Harold Acton Spine

Last Bourbons of Naples - Harold Acton Title Page

Letters of Lytton Strachey - Paul Levy

Letters of Rachel Henning - Norman Lindsay

Life of Kingsley Amis - Zachary Leader

Life of Mirabeau Set - Side View

Life of Mirabeau Set - Spines

Life of Mirabeau Set - Title Page & Spine

Living Free - Joy Adamson Set

Loose and Humorous Songs - Spine

Loose and Humorous Songs from Bishop Percy's Folio Manuscript - Title Page

Lost China - The Photographs of Leone Nani

Lost Stolen or Shredded - Rick Gekoski

Lost Stolen or Shredded - Rick Gekoski Title Page

Love Letters from the Bar Table

Macleod of the Bulletin

Magdala - Henry Stanley - Spine

Magdala - Henry Stanley Title Page

Magnet - Collectors Edition - Magnet No 1 Page

Maria Island - Margaret Weidenhofer

Marrickville - Cashman & Meader

Martha Gellhorn - A Life - Caroline Moorehead

Martha Gellhorn - A Life - Caroline Moorehead Signature

Military Operations of Belgium - The War of 1914

Mischief - Ben Travers Signed Card

Mischief - Ben Travers Signed Card & Title Page

Missale Romanum - Side View

Missale Romanum - Spine

Missale Romanum Ex Decreto - Title Page

Modern Australian Aboriginal Art - Rex Battarbe

Montauk Files - K. B. Wells

More Fool Me A Memoir - Stephen Fry

Mortification - Colm Toibin Signature

Mortification - Colm Toibin Signature on Essay Page

Mortification - Robin Robertson

Murder Mayhem Fire & Storm - Australian Shipwrecks - Max Jeffreys

Musei Vaticani

My Michael - Amos Oz

Nagel's China

Nagel's China - Side View

Ned Kelly - A Short Life - Ian Jones

New Challenge of the Stars - Patrick Moore & David Hardy

New Tricks - Richard Larkins

Night Parrot - Penny Olsen

Nocturnal Birds of Australia - Colour Plate

Nocturnal Birds of Australia - Loose Plate

Nocturnal Birds of Australia - Signatures

Nocturnal Birds of Australia - Title Page

Nor'-Westers - Ion L. Idriess

Now We Are Sixty - Christopher Mattew

Nymegen Proof - S. Barkworth

Ocean Paper Stone - Robert Bringhurst

Ocean Paper Stone - Signed Title Page

Old Dapto Smelting Works Set

Old Sydney Burial Ground 1974 - Studies in Historical Archaelogy No. 5

Old Wives Tale - Arnold Bennett Title Pagel

Old Wives' Tale - Alan Bennett Side View

Olympia Reader - Maurice Girodias

On Politics and the Art of Acting - Arthur Miller

On Politics and the Art of Acting - Arthur Miller Signature

One Brief Interval - A Memoir by Sir Edward Woodward

One Man's Jungle - Ralph Barker

Opposite of Fate - Amy Tan

Opposite of Fate - Amy Tan Signature

Opposite of Fate - Amy Tan Signed Title Page

Orange Sketchbook - White & Guinney

Our Fantastic Planet - Dick Smith

Our Fantastic Planet - Dick Smith Signature

Our Fantastic Planet - Dick Smith Signed Title Page

Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Great Britain & Ireland

Penny Dreadfuls - Michael Anglo

Piante di Roma

Pioneers of Camden Set

Plays of J. M. Barrie

Plays of J. M. Barrie Title Page

Poems - A. Lindsay Gordon - Spine

Poems - Adam Lindsay Gordon Title Page

Portrait Miniatures

Preservation in Local History

Price of a Wife - Anne Cunningham

Primo Levi - Tradgedy of an Optimist - Myriam Annissimov

Prosper Double-Cross - John Vader

Pussy's Mixture of Verse and Picture

Quarterley Essay - The End of Certainty - Katharine Murphy

Railways of West Dapto - Reynolds

Raising a Nation - Xanana Gusmao

Reader Lover of Books - The Book Art in Ontario - Kotin & Rueter

Readers Writers Publishers - Essays and Poems - Brian Mathews

Reading Russell - John Russell

Reconnected - Andrew Leigh & Nick Terrell

Reluctant Refuge - Glen Palmer

Remarkable Reverend Clarke - Elena Grainger

Rescue at 2100 Hours - Tom Trumble

Reynolds Stone 1909 - 1979

Ricordo Di Roma

Rockdale - A Century of Progress

Roma Le Chiese - 152 Illustrazioni

Rome - Gabriel Faure - Spine

Rome - Gabriel Faure - Title Page

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney - Lionel Gilbert

Rumbling Silence of Lake Eyre - Roma Dulhunty

S. Barkworth Signature

Samuel Beckett - An Exhibition

Samuel Terry - Guyneth M. Dow

Scandal - Roger Wilkes

Schlink of Prince Alfred - Kempson Maddox

Schlink of Prince Alfred - Kempson Maddox Signature

Scottish Houses and Gardens - Ian Gow

Scramble - Bob Braham

Seaplanes and Flying Boats - Maurice Allward

Secret Germany - Baigent & Leigh

Selected Letters of William Styron - Rose Styron

Shady Acres - Lesley Muir

Shakespeare - Listening To The Women - Alice Arnott Oppen

Shoalhaven History Set

Shoalhaven Set

Shot down - Alex Kerr

Sir Edmund Hillary - An Estraordinary Life - Alexa Johnston

Sistine Chapel - Colour Image

Sistine Chapel Cover

Sixpenny Wonderfuls - 6d gems from the past

Some Talk of Alexander - Frederic Raphael

Spell of Lake Eyre - Roma Dulhunty

Spice Islands Voyage - Tim Severin

Spice Islands Voyage - Tim Severin Signature

Spirit of Britain - Susan Hill

St James' Church  Forest Lodge - A Chronicle 1877 - 1977

St. Matthew's Jamberoo 1838 - 1979

Starting Over - Migrants Tell Their Stories

Statesmen & Sailors - Bob Nicholls

Steel-engraved book illustration in England - Basil Hunnisett


Stop At Nothing - Annabel Crabb - Quarterly Essay

Story of Capertree

Story of Lismore - Fifty Golden Milestones Lismore's Jubilee

Story of Rome - Norwood Young

Strathfield Information Sheet - Some Notes on the Municipality of Strathfield

Sugar Tears & Eyeties - Peter Dalseno

Superheroe Comics of the Silver Age - Spine

Swastika In The Gunsight - Igor Kaberov

Sydney - A Camera Study - Frank Hurley

Syms Covington of Pambula

Taipans - Colin Crisswell

Tales from Sydney Cove - Kate Challis

Talking About Detective Fiction - P. D. James

Target Area - Binning

Teddy Bears Golliwogs and Playmants of the Past - Rom Roeder

Thai Guides - Set of 9 Guides to Thailand Sights

The Compleat Angler - A New Bibliograph - Bernard Horne

There Goes Whatsisname - Memoirs of Noel Ferrier

There Goes Whatsisname - Noel Ferrier Signature

There were always people here - a history of Yuraygir National Park

They Wanted To Be Nightingales - Enid Dalton Herring

Thiess Story - Joan Priest

Thistle  At War - Helen McCorry

Thomas Cook of Turanville - Henry Gray

Thomas West of Barcorn Glen - Edward West Marriott

Time Out 1000 Books to change your life


Treasure of the Copper Scroll - Authors Inscription

Treasure of the Coppoer Scross - John Marco Allegro

Truth of the Palace Letters - Paul Kelly & Troy Bramston

Truth of the Palace Letters - Paul Kelly & Troy Bramston Signed Title Page

Turning - Tim Winton

Turning - Tim Winton Signature

Twentieth Century Children's Writers

Twentieth Century Romance & Historical Writers

Tyranny of Distance - Blainey

Tyranny of Distance - Blainey Signature

Tyranny of Distance - Geoffrey Blainey

Tyranny of Distance - Geoffrey Blainey Signature

Unseen Art Scene - Caroline Ambrus

Vanishing Landmarks of Cairns - Joan Cairns

Venture to the Interior - Laurens Van Der Post

Vernon God Little - DBC Pierre

Vernon God Little - Title Page Signature

Wallumetta - Levy

War's End - Charles Sweeney

Watermen of Sydney - Graeme Andrews

Way We Were - Work and Transport

We Are Amused - The Cartoonists View of Royalty

Western Architecture - R. Furnaux Jordan

When The Dead Heart Beats Lake Eyre Lives - Roma Dulhunty

Wild Spirits - Strong Medicine - African Art and the Wilderness

Winning With Intelligence - Judy Thomson

Witcombe Heritage - A History of the Buildings of Hay

With Camera Horse and Waggonette - Lovett & Barney

Woodward Signature

Woodworker Annual Volume 70

Wookdworker Annual Volume 75

World As It Is - Ben Rhodes

World For A Marketplace - John Parker

Worst Words - Don Watson

Writers at Work - Malcolm Cowley

Xavier Herbert - Frances De Groen

Yerranderie - Jim Barrett

You Might as Well Laugh Mate - Keith Willey

Young America and Australian Gold - Daniel & Annette Potts

christmas Island - Naturally - Gray