100 Moments in Australian Painting - Barry Pearce

100 years of yachting on Port Phillip Bay - Chris de Fraga

A Bigger Picture - Malcolm Turnbull

A Bigger Picture - Malcolm Turnbull Signed Title Page

A Bunch of Wild Flowers

A Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and Industry - Denis Diderot

A Diderot Pictorial Encyclopedia of Trades and Industry - Denis Diderot Volume Two

A E Holland Bookplate

A Fragile Balance - Christopher Dickman

A Gambling Man - Jenny Uglow

A History of A Battery - Richmond Cubis Title Page

A History of the Vintage Motorcycle Club of Australia

A Hsitory of A Battery - Cubis Spine

A Kimberley Adventure - Parker & Bradshaw

A Life in Letters - M. F. K. Fischer

A Little Bit Country - Donald & Gulson

A Little Book of Folio Forewords - William Trevor

A Man and his Ship - Steven Ujifusa

A Million Horses - Tasmania's Power in the Mountains

A Mother's Offering to Her Children by A Lady long Resident in NSW

A Pictorial History of the Wyong Shire - Volume Three - Edward Stinson

A Place By The River - Isabel Wilkinson

A Place in The Rocks

A Quiet Life - Martha Robertson

A Short History of the Life of Gregory Blaxland

A Sketchbook of Birds - Charles Tunnicliffe

A Voyage to New Holland - William Dampier

A. E. Holland - Bookplate

Aboriginal Art of North Australia

Aboriginal Australians - Richard Broome

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art in the collection of the National Gallery of Victoria

Aborigines Made Visible - From Humbug to Politics - Dr. H. C. Coomos

Aborigines Made Visible - H. C. Coombs Signature

Across The Black Soil Plains - Brennan

Adventures of Catkin and Codlin - Gilmoure

Adventures of Frisky

Adventures of a Teacher-in-Charge - D.G. O'Carrigan

Aggers' Ashes - Jonathan Agnew

Alexander Macleay from Scotland to Sydney - Derelie Cherry

Alexander Pope Set - Title Page & Spines

Allura's Australia in Cross-Stitch - Jan Skinner

Alphabet Frieze - May Gibbs

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle Signature

Amazing adventures of Anthony Arrowroot

American Scoundrel - Thomas Keneally

American Scoundrel - Thomas Keneally Signed Title Page

American Ulysses - A Life of Ulysses S. Grant - Ronald C. White

An Australian Pioneer - Alexander Mackay - Littlejohn

An Australian Post Office History

An Illustrated Cycle of Chinese Festivities in Malaysia and Singapore

An Indian Summer of Cricket - Malcolm McGregor

An Infinity of Things - Frances Larson

An Officer of the Blue - Edward Duyker

Anangu Way

Anchored in a Small Cove - Max Kelly

Anecdotal Evidence - Martin Gibbs

Archaeology of Aboriginal Australia - Tim Murray

Army Pageant

Art In Australia - Thea Proctor Number

Art in Australian - Elioth Gruner's Oil Paintings

Art of Albert Namatjira - C. P. Mountford

Art of Tunnelling - Szechy

Artarmon Past Present and Future - Grace Warner

Arthur Phillip - Sailor Mercenary Governor Spy - Michael Pembroke

Atlas - Sydney Weekly Index - Victor Crittenden

Aubrey Beardsley - Exhibition at the Victorai & Albert Museum 1966


Australia's Dangerous Creatures - Reader's Digest

Australian Aborigines - A. P. Elkin

Australian Garden Design - Andrew Pfeiffer

Australian Grazier's Gui9de - Rolf Bolderwood

Australian Museum Complete Book of Australian Mammals

Australian Native Plants - Wriggley & Fagg

Australian Reading Books - Fourth Book - Title Page

Australian Reading Series - Fourth Reading Book - Side View

Australian Twice Traveresed - Ernest Giles Set

Australian Twice Traversed - Ernest Giles

Australina Cruise Ships - Peter Plowman

Bairnsdale - Porter Spine

Bardia - Craig Stockings

Battlers Boomtown - Pauline Curby

Becoming Dickens - Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

Beginning with Esther - Lysbeth Cohen

Bettencourt Affair - Tom Sancton

Beyond Architecture - Marion Mahony & Walter Burley Griffin

Bibliography of Australian Literature - Set Side View

Big Animal Picture Book

Biography of Edward De Bono - Breaking Out Of The Box - Piers Dudgeon

Birds of Australia - Michael Morecombe

Black on White

Blue Mountains - Peter Stanbury

Blue Mountains Rediscovered - Chris Cunningham

Book Smugglers - David Fishman

Boomer - Denis Clark

Borroloola - Whitaker

Boys' Book of Airships and Other Aerial Craft - harry Delacombe

Breaking Out of the Box - Edward De Bono

Brett Whiteley Art & Life

Brief Record of William McMillan

Brothers - Marilyn Dodkin

Brownie Twins - Walter Cunningham

Bundonia to Braidwood - Barry McGowan

Burral Wallaay - Moree Mob

Bury The Chains - Adam Hochschild

Bush Songs of Australia for Young and Old

Campaign Ruby - Jessica Rudd

Campaign Rugby - Jessica Rudd Signed Title Page

Canberra In Two Centuries - Alan Fitzgerald

Canberra and Walter Burley Griffin - Donald Johnson

Captains of the Soul - Michael Galdwin

Centenary Shire of Kolan 1879-1979

Centre - A Natural History of o Australia's Desert Region - Penny Van Oosterze

Childhood of Jesus - Coetzee

Children of the Dreamtime - Helen Baldwin

Christmas Island - the Early Years - Adams & Neale

Christopher John Brennan

Chuckles from Japan

City of Fortune - Roger Crowley

Coalminers of Queensland - Pete Thomas

Cobweb Ladder - Joice Nankivell

Cockatoo Island - Penal and institutional remains - The National Trust of Australia

Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill - Dorothy Wall

Complete Pompeii - Joanne Berry

Concise Dictionary of Artists' Signatures - Radway Jackson

Continent of Mystery - Stephen Knight

Corn Beef and Damper

Corn Beef and Damper - Isabel Wilkinson

Corvo - Donald Weeks

Critical Thinking in Psychology - John Ruscio

Crossing the Blue Mountains

Cudgegong Under Windamere - Sue Harding

Dangerous Marine Creatures - Dr. Carl Edmonds

Dawn Mother - Gladys Lister

Death By Shakespeare - Kathryn Harkup

Debtor's War - David S. Macmillan

Desperate Venture - Central Ontario Railway - James Pioneer

Diane Keaton - Signature

Diary of Andrew Brown 1838-1854

Dictionary Wars - Peter Martin

Digit Dick on the Barrier Reef - Leslie Rees

Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand - John Long

Discovering Book Collecting - John Chdley

Doctor and the Aborigines - Charles Duguid

Dog it was that died - Alan Coren

Don Dunstan Intimacy & Liberty - Dino Hodge

Don't you know there's a war on - Mary Hansford

Dot and the Kangaroo - Ethil C. Pedley

Down the Lachlan Years Ago - History of Condobolin NSW - William A. Bayley

Down to the Sea - John Little

Duck Creek Mountain now Alstonville - Foreman Crawford

Dunbar 1857 - Kieran Hosty

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook - Core Rulebook 1 V.3.5

Dust and Dreams - Barry McGowan

Early Adelong and Its Gold - W. Roy Ritchie

Early Coogee & Randwick

Emily and the Detectives - Erich Kastner

Enchanted Forest - Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

Enemy In The East - Rolf-Dieter Muller

Esther - Jessica North

Exiles Lamentations - Thomas Cook _ Spine

Farthest Coast - C. C. Macknight

Fatty Finn Book

First Five Years - Anna Learmonth

Flag's Up - Peter Poland

Flop the Platypus - Rufus Morris

Flynn's Outback Angels Volume 1 - Casting the Mantle - Joan Rudolph

Footsteps Towards Freedom - NSW Between the Years 1828 & 1852

Fore and Aft - Tas Bull

Forrest Family - Pioneers of Western Australia

Founding Fitures - Copper Sculpture from Ancient Mesopotamia

Francis Greenway - Ellis - Side View

Freedom of Contract - Ruth S. Kerr

Frisky - Title Page

From Bullocks to Bypass - Margaret Blair

From Wilderness To Eden - Kelly

From the Hawkesbury to the Monaro - Bobbie Hardy

Frontiers of Gold - Brian Hodge

Furlough House - A Centerary History 1919-2019 - Ian Jacobs

Gamarada Friends

General Muster & Land & Stock Muster of NSW - 1822

General Muster List of NSW 1823 1824 1825

George Bass - Keith Bowden Title Page

George Richard Dibbs - T. W. Campbell

Giorgio Morandi

Girl's Own Annual

Glimpses of Gladesville - Past & Present

Glimpses of Gladesville - Past & Present - Signature

Glimpses of Glenhaven

Glorious First of June - Sam Willis

Gold and Silver - Keast Burke

Gough Whitlam - His Time - Jenny Hocking Updated Edition

Gough Whitlam - His Time - with 1st Day Cover

Gough Whitlam First Day Cover

Gough Whitlam First Day Cover - Christmas 1985

Gough Whitlam First Day Cover - Christmas 1985_2

Gould's Birds - Cover

Gould's Birds - Loose Plates

Greatest Show On Earth - Richard Dawkins

Green Meadows - William Bayley

Greenwell Point - Walliss

Groote Eylandt - Keith Cole

H. B. Higgins - The Rebel as Judge - john Rickard

HMAS Armidale Lives On - Frank B. Walker

Hans Heysen - Ex Libris - Bookplate

Henry Lawson - A Chronologcal Checklist of his Contributions to The Bulletin

Here My Son - Bean Spine

Here My Son - C E W Bean Title Page

Herzogin Cecilie - Neil W. Cormack

Historical Manuscript of the Tweed - H. W. Denning

Historical Notes On Newtown - L. G. Norman

Historical Records of the Central Coast of NSW

History of Albury - Dr. Arthur Andrews

History of Siam - Wood

Holy See - Tim Fischer Signature

Holy See Unholy Me - Tim Fischer

Home Before Dark - Ruth Park & Rafe Champion

Horsemen of the First Frontier & The Serpents Legacy - Keith Binney

Horsemen of the First Frontier & The Serpents Legacy - Keith Blimey

Hot to boy & sell art - Michael Reid

How To Read Oceanic Art

Humanists & Reformers - Bard Thompson

I Remember I Remember - Arthur James Alexander Fraser

If Only Those Stones Could Speak - A History of Queanbeyan Public School

Images of Power - Aboriginal Art from the Kimberley

Impeachment of a President - Hans Treffousse

Important Australian Art from the Collection of Reg Grundy & Joy Chambers-Grundy - Bonhams

Impressionism - Taschen

Impressionist & Modern Art - Sotheby's New York

Impressionist and Modern Art - Christie's London 2018

Impressionist and Modern Art Works on Paper and Days Sale - Christie's London 2018

In Dubious Battle - John Steinbeck

In Love with a Nation - Molly Bandan and Indonesia

In Search of Breaker Morant - Garnegie & Shields

In Search of Dr Thorndyke - Norman Donaldson

In the Midst of Life - The Australian Response to Death - Griffin & Tobin

Independence - John Ferling

Index of the Townlands and Towns Parixhes and Baronies of Ireland

Index to the Australian Dictionary of Biography Volumes 1 & 2

Islamic Science - Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Jack Brabham Story - Sir Jack Brabham Story

John Horbury Hunt - Radical ARchitect

John King Lethbridge - Lorna Parr

John Oxley's Journey to the Warrumbungle Mountains - Warrumbungle Historical Society

Journal of Cook's Last Voyage - Beckman Cover

Journal of Cook's Last Voyage - Rickman Side View

Journalistic Javelin - Patricia Rolfe Title Page

Kanga-Bee and Kanga-Bo - Dymphna Cusack

Kidnapped - Mark Tedeschi

Kidnapped - Tedeschi Title Page Signature

Kurrajong - An Early History - Vivienne Webb

L'Encyclopedia Diderot Et D'Alembert Arts De La Ceramique

L'Encyclopedia diderot Et D'Alembert Forges Ou L'Art Du Fer

L'Encyclopedie Diderot Et D'Alembert Arts Des Mines

Lachlan Macquarie - M. H. Ellis

Ladies Delight Recipe Book

Lambent Flame - John D. Keating

Language Mythology and Songs of Bwaidoga - Jenness & Ballantyne

Last Cruise of the Emden - Edwin P. Hoyt

Last Kooradgie - John Meredith

Latham Diaries - Mark Latham

Latham Diaries - Mark Latham Inscription

Len Deighton Set - Cover & Spines

Len Deighton Set - Spines

Lessons from the Wolverine - Barry Lopez

Let's Face It - The History of the Archibald Prize

Letter to Jack Lindsay

Letters Between a Father and Son -

Letters Between a Father and Son - V. S. Naipaul

Liberating of Lady Chatterley - Dorathy & Scott Campbell

Life of Thomas More - Peter Ackroyd

Lineage Book of the British Army - Frederick

Linus Pauling - A Life In Science & Politics - Goertzel & Goretzel

Lionel Lindsay letter to Jack Lindsay

Lionel Lindsay letter to Jack Lindsay One Page

Lionel Murphy - A Political Biography - Jenny Hocking

Little Australian Pioneers - R. M. Fergus

Little Chimbu

Little Obelia - May Gibbs

Little Prince - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Little Teddy Bear - Lydia S. Eliott Title Page

Little Teddy Bear - Side View

Littlehampton Libels - Christopher Hilliard

Lloyd Rees - Renee Free

Lord Sydney - Andrew Tink

Lost Tribe - from the Golden Boomerang Serial

Love & Desire - Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces from the Tate

M. Barnett - Bookplate

M. C. J. Barnett Her Book - Bookplate

Mackenzie on the Disease of The Eye - Spine

Macquarie's Towns

Maonic Halls of North Wales - Cryer

Marble Pavement of the Cathedral of Siena

Marlin Tales - Cathy Dunn

Martin Burke - James Macken

Masonic Halls of South Wales - Cryer

Mean Streets Magazine covers

Mean Streets Magazines

Memoirs of Mollymook Milton and Uadulla

Memoris of William Cox - Title Page

Memors of William Cox

Merinos Myths and Macarthurs - Garran & White

Michelangelo's Mountain - Eric Scigliano

Monet by himself - Richard Kendall

Monster Children

Motor Transport At War - The Diary of DVR Mathieson

Moving Frontier - Peter Stanbury

Mr & Mirs Bear and Friends - May Gibbs

Mrs Robinson's Disgrace - Kate Summerscale

Muddle-Headed Wombat - Ruth Park

Musters and Lists NSW & Norfolk Island 1800-1802

Musters of NSW & Norfolk Island 1805-1806

My New Order - Adolf Hitler - Spine

Myer - Your Store

Namitja - Margaret Paice

Narrandera Shire - Gammage

National Picture - The art of Tasmania's Black War

Native Born

Naval Steam Reciprocating Engine - Norman Rivett

News from Marengo 1929-1939

Nineteenth Century Utility & Technology at The Macleay Museum Australia

No End Save Victory - David Kaiser

Old Gosford and district Album - Gwen Dundon

Old Sydney Burial Ground 1974 - Emergency excavation in the City of Sydney

Oojah Annual

Our Way - Contemporary Aboriginal Art from Lockhart River

Out of Australia - Stephen Coppel

Outback Songman - Ted Egan

Outback Songman - Ted Egan Signature

Pagan Mysteries in the Renaissance - Edgar Wind

Painting The Rocks - The Loss of Old Sydney

Pan - Knut Hamsun

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works - Report relating to the proposed Cape Hawke Harbour Works

Parramatta Cemeteries - Mays Hill

Pastoral Industries of Australia - Alexander & Williams

Peasant Art in Switzerland - The Studio

Pedro Paez's History of Ethiopia Set - Side View

Pegs Fairy Book - Peg Maltby

Philip Larkin - Life Art and Love - James Booth

Pioneer Register - Dubbo & Western Region of NSW - Volume I

Pioneer Register - Dubbo & Western Rgion of NSW - Volume II

Plague in Sydney - The Anatomy of an Epidemic

Poems of John Fraser McManamey - Sydney University

Political Amnesia - Laura Tingle Signature

Polynesian Journal of Captain Henry Byam Martin

Pommy Kind - henry Donegan

Port Macquarie - The Windingsheet - Port Macquarie Historical Society

Post-Modernist Always Rings Twice - Gilbert Adair

Providence - Jacqueline Grant

Pulling Through - Bruce Coe

Pussy's Mixture of Verse and Picture

Quarterly Essay - Political Amnesia - Laura Tingle

Queen's Throat - Wayney Koestenbaum

Quokka Island - Leslie Rees

Radio Days - Patti Crocker

Rebel With  A Cause - Jacqui Lambie

Rebel With A Cause - Jacqui Lambi Signature

Reflections on the Colony of NSW - George Caley Title Page

Remarkable Times - Laurie Oakes Signature

Remarkabple Times - Laurie Oakes

Renoir - Painter of Happiness - Gilles Neret

Rich Earth - william A. Bayley

Rising Sun - A History of Moree & District 1862-1962

Rivers of Gold - Hugh Thomas

Road to Monticello - Kevin J. Hayes

Robert Fitzgerald Letter to Norman Lindsay Two Pages

Rocks - Life in Early Sydney - Grace Karskers

Rome - Tuker & Malleson

Rose Heilbron - Hilary Heilbron

Rose and the Waratah - William Nicolle Oats

Russians at Port Jackson - Glynn Barratt

Sails to Satellites - Terry Kass

Salisbury _ Victorian Titan - Andrew Roberts

Satan in the Suburbs - Bertrand Russell

School Magazine 1932 - Side View

School Magazine Cover - Harbour Bridge

School Magazine of Literature for Our Boys & Girls - Cover

School Magazine of Literature for Our Boys & Girls Cover 2

Search for John Small - First Fleeter - Mollie Gillen

Search for John Small - Mollie Gillen Title Page

Search for the Golden Boomerang

Second Fifty Years - The Australian Army 1947 - 1997

Secrets of State - Documents on Australian Defence and Foreign Policy

Settlement in the South - R. G. Antill

Settlers on the Marthaguy - Dormer & Starr

Shakespeare - The Illustrated Edition - Bill Bryson

Shaow Over The Atlantic - Robert Forsyth

Shoes for the Moscow Circus - Leta Keens

Sinews of War - Stuart Svensen

Singing Saltwater Country - John Bradley

Six of the Best Architects of Ku-Ring-Gai - Zeny Edwards

Smookie and Co - W. H. Honey

Some Contributions of Madicos to Australian Literature - D. A. Spalding

Some Market Gardeners in Randwick & Coogee 1840s - 1880s

Somersault - Kenzaburo Oe

Sotheyby's Impressionst & Modern Art - Part One - New York

Speeches & Lectures - Professor Badham

Spirit of the Bush Fire Series - Part I

Spirit of the Bush Fire Series - Part III

Spirit of the Bushfire - Plate

Spy Catchers - The Official History of ASIO - David Horner

St. Andrew's on the Presbyterian College - John Dunmore Lang

Starry Night - Van Gogh at the Asylum - Martin Bailey

State Records NSW 1788-2011 - Peter J. Tyler

Stories from the Aboriginal Dreamtime - Jean A. Ellis

Story of Adventure - Louise Kinch & Edith Grieve

Story of Sarli the Barrier Reef Turtle - Leslie Rees

Story of Shy the Platypus - Leslie Rees

Story of Wagonga Inlet - Laurelle Pacey

Story of an Easter Egg - O Nita Rinkus

Street NAmes of Pennant Hills - Trevor Patrick

Streets Lanes and Places 1836-1994

Studies of an Angler - L Wackett - Signed Title Page

Studies of an Angler - Wachett

Suburb of Nirthbridge - Esther Leslie

Survey of Bedfordshire - Brickmaking - A History & Gazeteer

Survival in the Bush - George Brown

Sydney from Settlement to City - Don Fraser

Symbols and Their Hidden Meaings - Kenner

T.Y.S.O.N. - Zita Denholm

Tales Out of School in the Milton-Ulladulla District from Conjola to Kioloa

Tales of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie - May Gibbs

Tales of a Little Brown Man - Cathryn Young

Tales of a Little Brown Man - Cathryn Young Title Page

Telling the Truth about Aboriginal History - Bain Attwood

Terre Napoleon - An Encounter

Then Again - Diane Keaton

They Left Their Mark - Magann

They Left Their Mark - Volume 2 - Magann

Thomas Barker - Pioneer Australian Industrialist 1799-1875 - A. K. Weeatherburn

Through My Eyes - Lindy Chamberlain

Through My Eyes - Lindy Chamberlain Signature

Through Space To The Planets - Winfred LAw

Tin Mosques & Ghantowns - Christine Stevens

Titanic Lives - Richard Davenport-Hines

Torres Strait Islander Women and the Pacific War - Elizabeth Osborne

Town grew up dancing -Wenten Rubuntja

Tracing Your Origins - Angus Baxter

Triumph of Color - Sotheby's New York 2018

Truth of the Palace Letters - Kelly & Bramston

Tudor Chronicles 1485-1603 - Susan Doran

Turning Point - Sean Fitzpatrick

Twin Eights - Harry Eyre Plate

Two Expeditions Into Southern Australia - Sturt Set - Side View

Two Expeditions Into Southern Australia - Sturt Spines

Uncovering Australia - Sarah Colley

University of Sydney - Postcards 1899-1955 and Photographs - Brown

Unquiet Sleep - William Haggard

Valley of the Winds

Vivien Greene - Signature

Vivien Greene - Signed Set

W. Halberg Ex Libris - Bookplate

Walkers of Yaralla - Patricia Skehan

War for Ireland 1913-1923 - Peter Cottrell

Wartime Agriculture in Australian & New Zealand 1930-50

We Never Had a Hotbed of Crime - Sue Rosen

Wellington Valley - The Early Years - Margaret Gribbin

Wentworths - John Ritchie

West of the Bland

Wharfies - Margo Beasley

Where Australia Collides with Asia - Ian Burnet

Whispering Stone - Margot Mahood

Whitlam Government - Gough Whitlam

Wicked Women of the Screen - David Quinlan

Willem de Kooning - Sally Ward

William Dobell - The Painter in Progress

William Woolls - A man of Parramatta - Thompson

Willoughby's Fifty Years - 1865-1915 - Claude Leplastrier

Window on Dandaloo - Diana Chase

Winery Technology & Operations - Dr. Yair Margalit

Wonder Book of Why & What

Woolly Sisters - Pearl and Plain Jane - John Mystery

Woolongong Botanic Garden - Dena Leighton

World Is An Apple - Benedict Leca

Written In Gold - Eileen Maxwell

Wynken Blynken & Nod - Pixie O'Harris colour page

Yerranderie - jim Barrett

You Must Remember This - Warner Bros Studios

Zulu Rising - Ian Knight

a free-flowing river - the ecology of the Paroo River - Kingsford

from Parchments to Passwords - Crundwell Golder & Wood

il coltello di Delfo - Archeologia Industriale

in step with Sturt - Keith Swan & Margaret Carnegie