1688 Revolution in the Family - Henri & Barbara van der Zee

7th International Grasslands Congress - Guide Book Canberra - Adelaide Tour 3rd-14th December 1956

A Corner of a Foreign Field - The Illustrated Poetry of the First World War

A Directory of Antique Furniture - F Lewis Hinckley

A Directory of Antique Furniture - Hinckley - Spine

A Fraction Of The Whole - Steve Toltz

A Hand-Book to the Order Lepidoptera - W F Kirby - Title Page

A Modern Introduction to Logic - L S Stebbing

A Modern Introduction to Logic - L S Stenning - Spine

A Noble Art - Mallett

A Portrait of Leni Riefenstahl - Audrey Salkeld

A Simple Work - Brother Gerald Burns

A Soldier's Soldier - Jeffrey Grey

A Tale of Two Mining Cities - Brian Kennedy 2

Adam Style - Steven Parissien

Advanced Commonsense Cookery Book

Against All Odds - James Rundle

Age of Fable - Heritage Spine

Alex Miller - Lovesong

Allen Lane and the Penguin Editors 1935-1970 - Steve Hart

An Eye for Eternity - The Life of Manning Clark - Mark McKenna

Anatomy of Antiques - Austin Kelley

Andrew Fisher - Peter Bastian

Antique Buyer's Handbook - Peter Cook

Antique English Furniture - Edward Joy

Antiques in Australia - John Rogan

Arabian Nights - Charles Folkard

Arcadia - Slot Machines of Europe & America - Jean-Claude Baoudof

Architectural Drawings of the Regency Period - Giles Warsley

Architecture of Victorian Sydney - Herman - Side View

Architecture of Victorian Sydney - Herman - Spine

Architecture of Victorian Sydney - Morton Herman Title Page

Aristotle - W D Ross

Aristotle - W D Ross - Spine

Art of the Japanese Kite - Tal Streeter

Arthur Boyd - Family and Friends

Arthur Doyd - Agony & Ecstasy

Astronomy and General Physics - William Whewell - Title Page

Atlas of New South Wales - Portrait of a State

Australia's Nobel Laureates

Australian Ex Libris Society Bookplate

Australian Finces in Bush and Avery - Cayley Spine

Australian Finches in Bush and Aviary - Colour Plate

Australian Finches in Bush and Aviary - Neville Cayley Title Page

Australian Furniture - Fahy & Simpson

Australian Glass of the 19th & early 20th Century - Marjorie Graham

Australian Mandarin - Robert Travers

Australian Parrots and Cockatoos - J H Prince

Australian Pioneer Technoogy - Birmingham Jack & Jeans

Australian Prisoners of War - Michael Tracey

Australian Room - Williams & Lloyd

Australian Warships Profile No 6

Austria On Ten Pounds - Sydney Clark

Avant Garde's Picasso Erotic Print

Avant Garde's Picasso's Erotic Gravures

Baby's Opear - Walter Crane

Balus - James Sinclair

Balus Volume II - James Sinclair

Before Rupert - Tom Roberts

Behind The Green Door - Bobby Barter

Birds of Fiji Tonga and Samoa - Dick watling

Blessed Are The Cynical - Mark Ellingsen

Bloodiest Bushrangers - John O'Sullivan

Book of Beauty - Eileen Allen - Title Page

Born In The Hour Of Victory - Tomans & McAndrew

Bottersnikes and Other Lost Things - Juliet O'Conor

Boundaries of Science - John MacMurray - Title Page

Boundaries of Science - John McMurray - Spine

Boxoffice December 17 1955

Boys Own Annual

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable - 18th Edition

Bridgewater Treatises - Whewell - Spine

Building the Nineteenth Century - Tom Peters

Bullets Beans & Bandages - Gary McKay

Burke & Wills - Peter Fitzsimons

Burns Poetical Works & Letters Side View

Burns Poetical works & Letters Spine

Cabinet-Maker and Upholstrer's Guide - George Hepplewhite

Canaletto - Phaidon

Canberra A City of Flowers

Captai Cook and the South Pacific - THe British Museum Yearbook 3

Captain Cook - Master of the Seas - Frank McLynn

Captain Cook - The Resolute Mariner - Vaughan & Murray Oliver - Side View

Captain Cook Was Here - Maria Nugent

Captain Cook and The South Pacific

Captain Cook's First Voyage - Reproduced from the Newcastle edition of Cook's diaries.

Captain James Cook - William Beard

Captain James Cook -Australian Publishing Co

Captain James Cook after two hundred years - R A Skelton

Caring For Old Houses - Ian Evans

Carving Carousel Animals - H LeRoy Marlow

Chair - John Gloag

Chairs in Australia - Peter & Kevin Carney

Charts Plans Views and Drawings takne on board His Majestys Bark Endeavour - Lieut Jam Cook

Chippendale - Nathaniel Harris

Classic Carousel Carving - H LeRoy Marlow

Classic Textile Designs - Dupont Auberville

Colonial Farm Buildings of NSW - Roxburgh & Baglin

Colonial Volunteers - Bob

Colonial Volunteers - Bob nicholls

Come To Java - Title Page

Come to Java

Conditions of Knowing - Sinclair

Construction of Period Country Furniture - V J Taylor

Constructive Woodwork For Schools

Cook Voyage Artifacts in Leningrad Berne & Florence Museums - Adrienne Kaeppler

Cook and the Russians - J G Beablehole

Cook the Writer - J C Beaglehole

Cook's Cottage - In memory of James Cook

Cook's Voyages and Peoples of the Pacific

Corals and Coral Islands - Dana Side View

Cotton Growing in Australia - An Economic Survey

Creating An Australian Garden - John Hunt

Cruise of The Betsy - Hugh Miller - Spine

Cruise of the Betsey - Hugh Miller - Title Page

Dark Palace - Frank Moorhouse

Dawson's Practical Lawncraft - R Hawton

De Costa On Shells - Spine

Death of Captain Cook - Gavin Kennedy

Death of Captain Cook - J C Beaglehole

Decca - The Lettes of Jessica Mitford

Demimonde - Doris Kloster

Denmark On Ten Pounds - Sydney Clark

Deserts Idle - Michael Mason Spine

Devil In London - George Sims

Dick Watkins

Dick Watkins - Colour Plate

Dick Watkins - Photo

Dictionary of English Furniture - Ralph Edwards

Dictionary of English Furniture - Ralph Edwards - Side View

Didman - The Extraordinary Life of Sir Sidney Kdman

Dig - Frank Clune

Dot and the Kangaroo - Ethel C Pedley

Downsizing An Australian Icon - Bruce Flood

Drawn from the Heart - Ron Brook

Dripstone Story - George Althofer

Early Governors of Australia

Early Theological Writings - Spine

Edmund Dulac - Card Box

Elements of Conchology - Emanuel Mendes Da Costa

Encyclopedia of American History - Richard Morris

Encyclopedia of the Dog - Bruce Togle

Endeavour - Peter Aughtion

English Gardens - Harry Roberts

English Manor House - Jeremy Musson

Essays In Radical Empiricism - Willaim James Spine

Essays in Radical Empiricism - William James Title Page

Essays on Economics and Society - John Stuart Mill - Set Side View

Essays on Economics and Society - John Stuart Mill - Spine & Cover

Et Cetera Et Cetera - Lewis Thomas

Etcetera - Sibella Court

Europe on 10 Pounds Set - Spines & Cover

Fabrication of Aborigiinal History - Keith Windschuttle

Face of Australia - The Land - The Past

Faces of New Guinea - James Sinclair

Faerie Queen - Plate

Faerie Queene - Edmund Spenser Title Page

Familiar - One Rainy Day in May - Mark Danielewski

Fanfare For Puttets ! - Hogarth & Bussell

Far Off In Sunlit Places - JIm Hewitson


Fiji 1874-1931

Finland On Ten Pounds - Sydney Clark

First Tests - Steve Cannane

Fleet Air Arm Aircraft Units and Ships 1920 to 1939 - Sturtivant & Cronen

Flowers and Plants of New South Wales and Southern Queensland - Rotherham Briggs Blaxell carolin

Fly Past - Arthur Gould Lee

Folio Book of Comic Short Stories - Folio Society - Spine

Folio Book of Comic Short Stories - Folio Society Side View

Folk Song Alice Verbrugghen Ex Libris Bookplate 2

For Richer For Poorer - Penny Russell

France - Gordn Home - Side View

France - Gordon Home & Mortimer Menpes

Frank Lloyd Wright - the 1930s - Donald Leslie Johnson

From A Chair In The Sun - A T Yarwood

From Descartes to Kant - Smith & Grene

From Morality To Religion - De Burgh

From Three Yachts - Conor O'Brien

Fruit and Its Cultivation - T W Sanders

Furniture - English Furniture - E T Joy

Gentle Art of Faking Furniture - Herbert Cescinsky

Geological Map of Mt Victoria Blackheath Hartley & the Kanimbla Valley

Geology of NSW - C A Sussmilch - Title Page & Map

Geology of New South Wales - C A Sussmilch

Geology of Queensland - Daintree - Cover

Geology of Queensland - Daintree - Side View

Geology of Queensland - Richard Daintree Fold-Out Map 2

Geololgy of Sydney - Curran Spine

George V and Edward VIII

Germaine Greer - The Boy

Germany On Then Pounds - Sydney Clark

Golden Treasury of Early American Houses - Richard Pratt

Good Fight - Wayne Swan

Grains and Threepenn'orths of Pharmacy - Gregory Haines

Great Bird Paintings of the World - Christine Jackson

Great Gardens of Australia

Grimms Fairy Tales - Mabel Lucie Atwell 2

Groundwater Handbook - South Australian Department of Mines

Guide to New South Wales State Archives Relating to Convicts and Convict Administration

Gunpowder Plot - Folio Society - Side view

Gunpowder Plot - Folio Society - Spine


Hans Andersen's Fairy Stories - Mabel Lucie Attwell

Hans Heysen  Ex Libris Bookplate

Hayden - Bil Hayden

Helen Maudsley - A Selection 2004-2006

Hell On Earth - Mel Rolfe

Historic Castles of Britain - Garry Gibbons

Historic Forbes & District - Australia as it Really is

Historic Houses of Britain - Garry Gibbons

Historical Recors of NSW - Cook Facsimiles of Charts - Side View

History of Brooklands Motor Course 1906-1940

History of English Football Clubs - Colin Mitchell

History of Far Eastern ARt - Sherman Lee

History of Hillview 1832-1983

Homage To The Himalayas - Olivier Follmi

Hong Kong As It Was - Edward Stokes

How To Detect Fake Antiques - John Fitzmaurice Mills

Humbold'ts Travels - Set Spines Out

Humboldt's Gift _ Saul Bellow

Humboldt's Travels - Side View Set

Hung-Wu and Yung-Lo White - The Oriental Ceramic Society 2

Hunter and his Art - Jalmanr & Iona Rudner

Illustrated Horse Breaking - Capt M H Hayes

In Search of Captain Cook - Dan O'Sullivan

In The Footsteps of Captain Cook - Tom Kenny

In The Neoclassic Style - Melanie Fleischmann

Insectivorous Plants - Darwin - Spine

Insectivorous Plants - Darwin - Title Page

Insectivorous Plants - Darwin Spine & Cover 2

Insectivorous Plants - Darwin Spine & Front Cover

Islands of Sydney Harbour - Simon Davies

J J Clark - Architect of the Australian Renaissance - Andrew Dodd

Jaguar Sports Racing Cars - Philip Porter

James Cook - His Early Life and The Endeavour Voyage

James Cook - Thea Stanley Hughes

James Howard Catts - Dorothy Catts

James Howard Catts - Dorothy M Catts Spine

Jane Austen - Three Complete Novels  Spine

Jane Austen - Three Complete Novels -

Jane Austen - Three Complete Novels - Cover

Jane Austen - Three Complete Novels - Side View

Janet Holmes a Court - Patricia Edgar

Jimmy Barnes Set - Side View Alt 1

Jimmy Barnes Set - Spine & Cover

John Curtin - A Life - David Day

John Firth-Smith - Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

John Firth-Smith - Rosyln Oxley9 Gallery Cover

John Lane Mullins Bookplate 2

Jukebox - Dieter Ladwig

Jurassic System in Great Britain - Arkel - Side View

Jurassic System in Great Britain - Arkell

Kamikaze Hunters - Will Iredale

Ku-Ring-Gai During War - 1939-1945

Land Utilization In Australia - Wadham & Wood

Lane Cove Australia Remembers 1945 -  1995 - World War II Book of Honour.

Last Escape - John Killick

Last of Old Europe - A J P Taylor

Latest Information from the Settlement of New Plymouth on the Cost of Taranake New Zealand Title Page

Laura Ashely - Home 2010

Le jardin du Luxembourg - Mourry & Givry

Leather Gods & Wooden Heroes - David Irvine

Leda - Aldous Huxley - Plate

Leda - Aldous Huxley - Side View

Leda - Aldous Huxley - Title Page

Leda - Aldous Huxley - title page 2

Leda - Aldous Huxley signature

Legion Condor - Ries & Ring

Lepidoptera - Kirby - Spine

Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique

Life - Keith Richards

Life On The Warterfront - Tas Bull

Life and Times of Julian von Haast - Spine

Life and Times of Sir Julius von Haast - Title Page

Light Shines On - Mona Terry

Light on the Earth - BBC Books

Lithgow Pottery - Ian Evans

Lone Sailor - Jon Sanders

Lonely Planet's Beautiful World

Luftwaffe Codes Markings & Units 1939-1945 - Barry Rosch

MAckay Harbour Story

Magic Mountain

Manual of Traditiona Wood Carving - Paul Hasluck

Marguetry - Pierre Ramond

Marilyn Monroe - Marie Clayton

Mark Webber - 2010 A Season To Remember

Marulan - A Uniques Heritage

Medieval Philosophy - F C Copleston

Medieval Philosophy - Frederick Copleston

Memoirs of a Fighting Captain - Admiral Lord Cochrane

Memoirs of a Fighting Captain - Admiral Lord Cochrane - Side View

Memoirs of a Fighting Captain - Admiral Lord Cochrane - Spine

Memoirs of a Fighting Captain - Admiral Lord Cochrane - Title Page

Methods of Ethics - H Sidgwick

Methods of Ethics - Henry Sidgwick - Title Page

Milton's Poetical Works - Side View Set 2

Milton's Poetical Works - Spine Ste

Mind and Its Place in Nature - Broad

Miss Mollie

Monster Children - Carson

Monster Children - Volume 32

Monster Children - Volume 48

Monster Children Photo Album 2011

Morocco - A S Forrest & S L Bensusan

Morocco - Side View

Much Love Jac x - Jacki Weaver

Murder of Captain James Cook - Richard Hough

Murray Valley Salinity Investigation - River Murray Commission

Mystic Rose - Ernest Crawley

Mystic Rose - Ernest Crawley - Spine

Mystic Rose - Ernest Crawley - Title Page

Nancy Wake - Peter Fitzsimons

Ned Kelly - Douglas Stewart

New Australian Bookplate Society - Directory of Members

New Australian Bookplate Society - Directory of Members 2011

New Yord Book Show - 25th Annual

New Zealand - Tate

New Zealand - Tate Side View

New Zealand - Tate Title Page

New Zealand Painting - Brown & Keith

Nico - Nico Lardenis

Norman Lindsay - Water Colour Book

North America the Beautiful - Galen Rowell

Norway On Ten Pounds - Sydney Clark

Novel - A Biography - Michael Schmidt

Official Monogram US Army Air Service & Air Corps Aircraft Color Guide Vol 1 - Robert Archer

Oscar And Lucinda - Peter Carey

Our Old Nursery Rhymes

Our Old Nursery Rhymes - H Willebeek Le Mair

Oxford Companion to Australian Folklore - Davey & Seal 2

Oxford Companion to British History - John Cannon

Oxford Companion to English Literature - Harvey - Spine

Oxford Companion to English Literature - Paul Harvey - Title Page

Oxford Dictionary of Art - Ian Chilvers

Paintings and Works of Art From the Collections of the Late Lord Clark of Saltwood - Sotheby's

Paper Ambassadors - Dennis Altman

Parrot and Olivier in America - Peter Carey

Pastoral Australia - Fitzpatrick & Munday

Paul Bangay - The Enchanted Garden

Penrose's Pictorial Annual - 1910-11

Penrose's Pictorial Annual - The Process Year Book 1904-05

Penrose's Pictorial Annual - The Process year Book

Peter Lindsay Ex Libris Bookplate 2

Philosophy of Nietzsche - Modern Library

Pinball - Roger Sharpe

Pioneer Landownders in the Lane Cove District

Plato - A B Taylor Spine

Poetical Works - John Milton - Title page

Pookie - Ivy Wallace

Pookie in Wonderland - Ivy Wallace

Post-War Tin Toys - A Collectors Guide - Jack Tempest

Poster 1

Poster 2

Practical Palistry - Henry Frith

Practical Woodworker - Bernard Jones - Set Side View

Practical Woodworker - Bernard Jones - Set Spine Out

Private Don - Christine Wallace

Private Journal of James Burney - Beverley Hooper

Problems of Ethics - Moritz Schlick

Raiders - John Laffin

Rangeland Management in Western New South Wales

Ray Crooke - Island Songs

Readings in Ethical Theory

Red Cedar - John Vader

Relentless Enemies - Lions and Buffalo - Dereck & Beverly Joubert

Return of the Naked Chef - Jamie Oliver

Riddle of the Titanic - Gardiner & Van Der Vat

Rise and Fall of Marvelous Melbourne - Graeme Davison

Robert Dickerson - Shoalhaven Paintings

Rose Lindsay - A Model Life - Rose Lindsa

Russell Pasha - Ronald Seth

Safari In Wildest Africa - Michel & Christine Denis Hout

Scott's Poetical Works - Side View

Scott's Poetical Works - Spine

Secrets of the Red Lantern - Pauline Nguyen

Sent Forth A Dove - James Henderson

Settlement At New Plymouth New Zealand 1842 Spine

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors - Sagan & Druyan

Shakespeare's Hamlet - Nicki Greenberg

Ship - Retracing Cook's Endeavour Voyage - Simon Baker

Ships and Sealing Wax - Basil Lord Sanderson of Ayot

Showgirls Teen Wolves and Astro Zombies - Machael Adams

Sidney Nolan - Landscapes and Legends

Skies Remember - A Grenfell Price

So Far - The Art of Dale Frank - Side View

Southern Furniture 1680-1830 - Hurst & Prown

Spain On Ten Pounds - Sydney Clark

Spectoral Memory - Wu Gaozhong's Solo Exhibition

Spenser's Faerie Queene - Side View

Spenser's Faerie Queene - Spine

Spices & Natural Flavourings - Jennifer Mulherin

Standards In Steam - The 53 & 55 Class - R G Preston

Stanley - Tim Jeal

Story of Southern Cross - Kingsford-Smith

Story of The Land - 1911-2011

Sweden On Ten Pounds - Sydney Clark

Taaniko - Maori Hand-Weaving - Joyee Ronald Smith

Tailed Headhunters of Nigeria - A J N Tremearne

Tailed Headhunters of Nigeria - Side View

Taste of Italy - Giuliano Bugialli

Terence Conran's Home Furnishings

Tha' She Blows - Vanda Savill

They Came To A Valey - D I McDonald

Thinking and Experience - Price

Through The Eyes of the Gods - Robert Haas

Through the Gates - Life in Sydney's Centennial Park

Titanic _ Leo Marriott

Traitors - Frank Walker

Transformations in Australian Art - Terry Smith

Treasures of the State Library of Victoria

Tricks and Traps

Tunning of Elynour Rumming - Front Cover

Tunning of Elynour Rumming - John Skelton Laureat

Turning Back The Clock - Umberto Eco

United States army and Air Force Fighters 1915-1961

University of Sydney - Its History and Progress - Robert Dallen

Urban Elements - David Koenig

Val Strange - David Christie Murray

Val Strange - David Christie Murray - Side View

Venturesome Voyages of Captain Voss - Spine

Vocation Of Man - Johann Gottlieb Fichte

Voyage of Their Life - Diane Armstrong 2

Voyage of the Astrolabe 1840 - Olive Wright - Title Page

Voyage of the Endeavour - G Arnold Wood

Waiting At Table - C S Peel

Wallace Stevens and the Seasons - George Lensing

Wandering Through Vietnamese Culture - Huu Ngoc

Was Your Dad A Russian Spy - Meena Blesing

Watches - Eye On The Time - Tessa Paul

Waterloo - Bernard Cornwell

Way of the Whirlwind

Weaver Hawkins 1893-1977 - Memorial Retrospective

Well of Loneliness - Radclyffe Hall

Western Pursuit of the American Dream - Selections from the Collection of Kenneth W Rendell

Whatever It Takes - Graham Richardson

Wildlife Photography - Guilfoyle & Rayfield

William Hardy Wilson - Zeny Edwards

Wingecarribee - Its Early History

Winged life - Antoine de Saint Exupery

Wool - The Australian Story - Woldendorf McDonald Burdon

Wordmanship - Claurene du Gran

Working Class Boy - Jimmy Barnes

Yorkshire Tales - John Hartley

Yorkshire Tales - John Hartley - Side View

corals and Coral Islands - Dana Spine

federation House - Ian Evans