17 Carnations - Andrew Morton

50 Years of Wildlife Photographer of the Year - National History Museum

500 Cacti - Ken Preston-Mafham

A Carefree War - Ann Howard

A Century in the Pacific 1815-1915

A Decade In Retrospect - The UCLA Musem of Cultural History

A Life of Purpose - A Biography of John Sulman - Zeny Edwards

A Lover of Unreason - Koren & Negev

A Nervous Splendour - Frederic Norton Side View

A Nervous Splendour - Side View

A Nervous Splendour - Spine

A Promise To Remember - Michael Berenbaum

A Rugby Memoir - Peter Johnson

A Selection of Paintings by Cui Zifan

A Short History of Australia - Manning Clark

A Short History of Time - Leofranc Holford-Strevens

A Short History of Time - Spine

A Student's Guide To Wood Engraving -

Absolute War - Chris Bellamy

Aeneid - Virgil

Aesthetic Beauty of a Universal Nature - A Survey of the National Palace Museum

African Pacific and Pre-Columbian Art - Indiana University Art Museum

All The King's Enemies - A History of The 2-5th Australian Infantry Battalion

All The Way To The USA - Robyn Arrowsmith

Alliance - Jonathan Fenby

Allied Fighters 1939-45 - Chris Chant

Almanac of American Letters - Randy E Nelson

Aloes of South Africa - Reynolds

Aloes of South Africa - Reynolds - Spine

Along The Fault Line - James Gleeson

Along The Fault Line - James Gleeson Spine

Along The Faultline - James Gleeson - Cover

Amazing Grace - Steve Turner

American Ingenuity - James

An Encyclopedia of Tables - Simon Yates

An Introduction to the South African Orchids - Schalpe

Ancient Monuments Revealed - Ian Westell

Andrew's Book - St Anderw's College

Antarctica - Jonathan & Angela Scott

Anthropology in Papua New Guinea - Ian Hogbin

Antiques Yaer Book !954-55 - Spine

Antiques Yearbook 1954-55 - Title Page

Anzac Digger - Roy & Lorna Denning

Anzacs and Ireland - Jeff Kildea

Ariane Dandois - 1973-1998

Army Politics and Society in Germany - Klaus-Jurgen Muller

Art - Fashion in the 21st Century - Smith & Kubler 2

Art AS Technology  - Rubin & Pearlstone

Art of Natural history - S Peter Dance

Arts and Crafts of Turkestan - Johannes Kalter

Athenia Torpedoed - Francis M Carroll

Atoes of South Africa - Reynolds - Spine

Australia's Early Dwelling and Churches - Smolicz & Sharp

Australia's Quarter Acre - Peter Timms

Australian Antiques - First Fleet to Federaton

Australian Country Houses - Lucas & Joyce

Australian Gothic - Brian Andrews

Australian Jazz On Record 1925-80 =- Jack Mitchell

Australian Parrots - Forshaw & Cooper

Australian People and The Great War - Michael McKernan

Avoid Boring People - James D Watson

Babe - John McCabe

Balzac - V S Pritchett

Bangkok Days - Lawrence Osborne

Bangkok Days - Lawrence Osborne 2

Barbarossa To Berlin - Brian Taylor

Baroque and Regence - Franch Furniture and Gild Bronzes - Getty Museum Collection

Basic Bookbinding - A W Lewis

Battle For Singapore - Peter Thompson

Battle Group - James Lucas

Battle Lines - Scott Bevan

Battle Of The Bulge - John Pimlott

Battleace Division - Ken Ford

Behind The Mask - Matthew Dennison

Belgium Unvanquished - Roger Motz

Ben Lexcen - Bruce Stannard

Berlin-Baghdad Express - Sean McMeekin

Best of Saki - Side View

Best of Saki - Spine

Betty Archdale - Deirdre Macpherson

Beyond the Open Door - Contemporary Paintings from The People's Republic of China

Birds - Joanna Burger

Blamey - David Horner

Bloody Shambles - Shores Cull & Izawa

Blue and Whtie Transfer Ware - A W Coysh

Botany Bay Mirages - Alan Frost

Bound For Botany Bay - Brooke & Brandon

Bradman's Invincibles - Roland Perry

Bravest Man - William Tuohy

Brick Book - Robert Hayward

British Dance Bands 1912-1989 - Rust & Walker

Burma Road - Donovan Webster

Burns' Poetical Works - Spine

By England's Aid - G A Henty

By England's Aid - G A Henty Side View

California Ramblers - Discography

Cape Country Furniture - Baraitser & Obholzer

Captain Cook

Captain Cook - Alistair MacLean

Captain Cook - Voyages - Side View

Captain Cook - Voyages - Spine

Captain Cook and the South Pacific - John Gwyther

Captain Cook's Apprentice - Anthony Hill

Captains - Malcolm Knox

Carrick - Graeme Starr

Catalogue of the Ancient Persian Bronzes in The Ashmolean Museum - P R S Moorey

Cave and the Light - Arthur Herman

Chauvel of the Light Horse - A J Hill

Chinese Exhibition - Side View

Chinese Hardwood Furniture in Hawaiian Collections

Chinese Stamps - collection of Calligraphy & Painting by Pan Tian Shou

Clocks and Watches - Alan Smith

Coles Myer Collection - Christie's Australia

Collecting Ladies - Penny Olsen

Colonial Farm Buildings of NSW - Roxburgh & Baglin

Colonial Heritage - Frank & Judith Leary

Colour Schemes For Old Australian Houses - Evans Lucas & Stapelton

Commonwealth Bank of Australia - Robin Gollan

Conflict Over The Bay - Norman Franks

Connoisseur Year Book - 1954

Convict Ships - Charles Bateson

Convoy - Kaplan & Currie

Cricket's Enigma - Rick Smith

Crumps and Camouflets - Damien Finlayson

Curtin's Empire - James Curran

D-Day - Operation Overlord from its Planning to the Liberation of Paris - Classic Conflicts

Dada - Kenneth Coutts-Smith

Darkest Hour - Bruce Gamble

Darwin and Northern Territory Force - Robert J Rayner

Days of Wrath - D W A Baker

Death of Captain Cook -Glyn Williams

Deceivers - Thaddeus Holt

Dempsters - Rica Erickson

Der Zweite Weltkrieg Im Bild - Spine & Cover

Der Zweite Weltkrieg Im Bild - Von Stalingrad Bis Nurnberg Set - Side View

Dickens Set - Spine Out

Discoveries - The Voyages of Captain Cook - Nicholas Thomas

Discovering Monaro - Hancock

Doctor - Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Dodename Suzette - Anne Nelson

Doing Sheakepeare - Simon Palfrey

Dostoevsky - Joseph Frank

Double-Cross System - J C Masterman Side View

Double-Cross System - J C Mastersman Spine

Early Chinese Ceramics from New York State Museums

Early Georgian 1715-1760 - Christopher Hussey

Elegant Debts - Craig Clunas

Elements of Design - Nina Campbell

Employ'd As A Discoverer - J V S Magaw

English Glass - R J Charleston

English Seafood Cookery - Rick Stein

Engrave Work of Eric Gill - Victoria & Albert Museum

Explore Historic Australia - Margaret Barca

Eye of War - Words and Photographs from the Front Line

Fabulist - Rod Howard

Fall of Hitler's Third Reich - David Jordan

Farther Than Any Man - Martin Dugard

Federation House - A Restoration Guide - Ian Evans

Federation House - Fraser & Joyce

Films of Robert Bresson

First Voyage - John Gwyther

Flora - Brent Elliott

Fortitude - roger Hesketh

Fourteen Journeys Over The Blue Mountains of NSW 1813-1841 - Spine

French Film - Roy Armes

French Furniture - From Louis XIII to Art Deco

From Oxford To The Bush - John A Moses

Frozen Water Trade - Gavin Weightman

G A Henty Group

Garden & Landscape Trees In Australia - Harry Oakhman

George III and the Historians - Herbert Butterfield

Georgian Architecture in Australia - Max Dupain

Gilding and Antique Finishes - Yvonne Rees

Glass - John A Brooks

Gold and Paper - Spine

Goldsmith's Works - Side View

Goldsmith's Works - Spine

Golf in the Pennant Hills District

Good German of Nanking - John Rabe

Grapes of Wrath - Steinbeck Side View

Grapes of Wrath - Steinbeck Spine

Great Family Houses of Europe - Alexis Gregory

Great Migrations - Natonal Geographic 2

Great Tours And Detours - Rosenthal & Gelb

Greece - From Mycenae to the Parthenon - Henri Stierlin

Grosvenor House Antiques - 199 Handbook - Side View

Grosvenor House Antiques Fair - 1991 Handbook

Grosvenor House Antiques Fiar - 1991 Handbook - Side View

Guide To Australian Shells - Alan Hinton

H L Mencken - Charles Angoff

Harold Nicolson Diaries & Letters 1930-1964

Heart of Middle Park - Stories from a Suburb by the Sea

Here Be Dragons - Koezner & LeVay

Hidden Warbirds II - Nicholas Veronico

Hidden Warbirds Set - Nicholas Veronico Side View

Hidden Warbirds Set - Nicholas Veronico Spine & Cover

Hidden Warbirds Set - Nicholas Veronico Spine & Cover 2

Highways To A War - Christopher J Koch

Historic Homes of Brisbane - Janet Hogan

History of Ballet and Modern Dance - Judith Steeh

History's Worst Inventions - Eric Chaline

Hitler - The Victory That Nearly Was - Bruce Quarrie

Hitler's Henchmen

Hollywood Down Under - Diane Collins

Hood's Poetical Works - Side View

Hood's Poetical works - Spine

Hoshino's Alaska - Michion Hoshino

Hot Seat - Richard Woolcott

Housewife's Hindustani - M Rivers 2

Howard - the Art of Persuasion - Selected Speeches

IAURC Journal & Members' Directory - 1984-1985 - Spine

IAURC Journal & Members' Directory 1984-1985 - Side View

Icons of Piety Images of Whimsy - Pracapaditya Pal

Ideas From Private Gardens - McMaster & Edmanson

Immigration Into Eastern Australia 1788-1850 - R B Madgwick - Spine

Infinite Palette - Modern Chinese Painting

International Antiques Yearbook 1963-64

Introducing Australia - Grattan - Spine

Introducing Australia Hartley Grattan Title PAge

Inventions of the Middle Ages - Side View

Iron Coffins - Herbert Werner

James Kay-Shuttleworth - R Selleck

Japan's Modern Myths - Carol Gluck

Japanese House - Murata & Black

Jazz Age Beauties

Jean Appleton - A Lifetime With Art

Jesus For The Non Religious - John Shelby Spong

Jewish Brigade - Morris Beckman

King's Colonial Governor - Captain K MaClure Side View

Kokoda - Peter Fitzsimons

Land Grants

Last War of Empires - Barber & Henshall

Late 18th & 19th Century Textiles

Laurie Short - Susanna Short

Lenin - Dmitri Volkogonov

Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique

Librarians in New South Wales - A Study - Francis Cass 2

Limerick Book

Lion & Kangaroo - Gavin Souter

Living With Light - Axel Vervoordt

Lucy's Angels - Eris Murray-Rowlison

Ludwig Leichhardt - Cotton

MacArthur Strikes Back - Harry Galley

Making Australina Art 1916-49 - Nancy Underhill

Man Behind the Rosenbergs - Alexander Feklisov

Man and His Ancestors - Alan Houghton Brodrick

Manning Clark - A Life - Brian Matthews

Mary Queen of Scots - Alison Weir

Masters of NAture Photography - Natural History Museum

Memoirs Of A British Agent - R H Bruce Lockhart

Memoirs of Sir W. Scott - Spine

Men Who Persevered - Davies & McKay

Metal Wood Water Fire and Earth - Gems of Antiquities Collections in Hong Kong

Migrations - Wildlife in Motion - Art Wolfe

Mines in the Spinifex - Blainey

Mines in the Spinifex - Blainey Side View

Modern Luxury - Richard Mishaan

Montebello - Robert Drewe

Moon's a Balloon - David Niven

Moon's a Balloon - David Niven Side View

Moral Injury - Tom Frame

More than a life - John Meredith & the Fight for Australian Tradition - Keith McKenry

Mrs Shakespeare - Robert Nye

National Debt As it stood at Michaelmas 1730 Stated and Explained

Nature Sanctuaries - Cattaneio - & Trfoni

Never Before Never Again - Larry Writer

New Decor - Elizabeth Wilhide

Ninety Days - Thomas Carmichael

Nissim de Camondo Museum - Paris

No Memory For Pain - F Kingsley Norris

North and Aloft - Timothy O'Leary

Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci - Set - Spine

Nursing - 150 Years of Caring in South Australia

Okapi Fever - Philippe Diole

Old Clock Book

Old Clock Book - Side View

Old Colonial Buildings of Australia - Max Dupain

On Holiday - Paul Atterbury

On the end of a wire - Peter Davidson

Once There Was A Corner Store - A History of the Owen's Family Business

Opium War - Julia Lovell

Orange Trees of Marrakesh - Stephen Frederic Dale

Order of the Death's Head - Heinz Hohne

Oriental Ceramic Society - Hung-Wu & Yung-Lo White

Ostfront - Charels Winchester

Painted Caves - Peter Garlake

Patrick Logan - Chales Bateson

Pax Romana - Adrian Goldsworthy

Pearl Harbour Betrayed - Michael Gannon

People's Force - Robert Haldane

Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde Side View

Picture of Dorian Gray - Spine

Pictures of Sydney - James Maclehoss

Pigs For The Ancextors - Roy A Rapperport

Prehistoric Art - Randall White

Price Guide to Antique Furniture - John Andrews

Priceless Heritage - Historic Buildings of Tasmania

Priest Factory - Chris Geraghty

Principles & Practicd of Ornamental or Complex Turning - John Jacob Holtzapffel

Prisoners of War - Patsy Adam-Smith

Pro Hart - Dying To Be Heard - David Hart

Pro Hart - The Tribute

Pro Hart's Waltzing Matilda

Proteaceae of South Africa - Frank Rousseay

Quarterly Nos 1 - 27 - 1975-82

Ramesses - Joyce Tyldesley

Reading Heidegger's Black Notebooks - Farin & Malpas

Reading Shakespeare's Dramatic Language - A Guide

Realm of the Immortals

Recollections of Squatting in Victoria - Curr - Spine

Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro - Side View

Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro - Spine

Renaissance Master Bronzes

Rep-Li--Ca - Volume 1

Resistance - Mattew Cobb

Restoring Old Australian Houses & Buildings - An Architectural Guide - Turner Cox Briges

Restoring Old Houses - Ian Evans

Return to Midway - Robert Ballard

Riddle of the Compass - Amir D Aczel

Rienzi - Museum of Fine Arts Houston

Rin Tin Tin - Susan Orlean

Rise of Hitler's Third Reich - Chris Bishop

Rocking Horses & Prams in Australasia - Len Elliott 2

Royal Australina Navy and MacArthur - Ian Pfennigwerth

Rudolph Valentino - Alexander Walker

Ruling From The Dragon Throne - John E Vollmer

SS - Hitler's Instrument of Terror - Gordon Williamson

Sacred Places - K S Inglis

Sanderson - The Essence of English Decoration - Mary Schoeser

Sandstone Sydney - Baglin & Austin

Savage Messiah - A Biography of the Sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Savage Messiah - A Biography of the Sculptor Henri Gaudier-Bzesa

Science Is Golden - Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Scoring For The School - Marjorie Newman

Seals - The US Navy's Elite Fighting Force - Bahmanyar & Osman

Second Wave - Newer Than New Wave Names in World Cinema

Secret Life of Houdini - Kalush & Sloman

Seeds of Change - Richard Aitken

Seeing Further - Bill Bryson

Seven Miles From Sydney - A History of Manly - Pauline Curry

Sex Crimes - William Naphy

Sexual Life In Ancient Rome - Kiefer - Spine

Sexual Life in Ancient Rome - Kiefer - Side View

Shakespeare - A Life - Park Honan

Shakespeare's First Texts - Neil Freeman

Shakespeare's Lives - S Schoenbaum

Shirley Barber's Australian Birds - A Celebration

Signal - Years of Retreat 1943-44 - Hitlers Wartime Picture Magazine

Signal - Years of Triumph 1940-42 - Hitlers Wartime Picture Magazine

Signal! - Captain Barrie Kent

Silver Novelties in the Gilded Age - 1870-1910 - Deborah Crosby

Singapore Burning - Colin Smith

Sir Roger de Coverly - Addison & Steele - Side View

Sir Roger de Coverly - Addison & Steele - Spine

Spink's Catalogue of British and associated Orders Decorations and Medals with valuations - E C Joslin

Spring in Jinling -Works of Fifteen Contemporary Nanjing Painters

Spy Who Got Away - David Wise

Stanley - Tim Jeal

Stethoscope and Saddlebags - Eleanor McLaglan

Story 0f P&O - David & Stephen Howarth

Strange Birth of Colonial Democracy J B Hirst

Strength of a Nation - Michael McKernan

Studies In The Psychology of Sex - Front View

Studies In The Psychology of Sex - Havelock Ellis Set - Side View

Studies In The Psychology of Sex - Spines

Style Source Book - Judith Miller

Styles of Ornament - Alexander Speltz

Succulents of Southern Africa - B P Barkhuizen

Sydney's Northern Beaches - David Messent

Tarasov Saga - Gary Nash

Technique Of Oil Painting - Richmond - Spine

Techniques Of Oil Painting - Rhcimond - Side View

Ten Days That Shook The World - John Reed

Ten Days to D-day - David Stafford

They Came for Sandalwood - Dorothy Shineberg

They Went To Portugal - Rose Macaulay

Things Fall Apart - Chinua Achere

Things Fall Apart - Side View

Things Fall Part - Spine

Third Reich Day By Day - Christopher Ailsby

Through the Gates - Life in Sydney's Centennial Park

Through the eyes of the Condor - Robert Haas

Tibet - Sun Chengyi

Tiger of Mysore - G A Henty

Tiger of Mysore - G A Henty - Side View

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - John Le Carre Side View

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - John Le Carre Spine

To See The Dawn Again - Lax & Kane-MAguire

Todd Woodbridge - Todd Woodbridge

Treasure Houses of England - A View of Eight Great Country Estates

Trial of the Cannibal Dog - Anne Salmond

Twentieth Century Battlefields - Peter & Dan Snow

Two-Thumbs the Koala - Leslie Rees

Under Milk Wood - Dylan Thomas

Under Wellington's Command - G A Henty

Under Wellington's Command - G A Henty - Side View

Undergroudn Film - A Critical History - Parker Tyler

University of N.S.W. Library - Information Bulletin - Nos. 1-69

Vandemonian Trail - Patrick Morgan

Vanishing Wilderness of Africa - Giovanni Guiseppe Bellani

Vanishing Wilderness of Asia - Stefano Brambilla

Voyages of Discovery - lynne Withey

Waffen-SS Handbook 1933-1945 - Gordon Williamson

War Artists - Meiron & Susue Harries

War Horse - The Making of the Motion Picture

Way Home - Jeffrey bilhuber

West Ward - Booker & Bennett

What Are The Seven Wonders of the World - Side View

What Wood Is That - Herbert L Edlin

Wild Flowers of Natal - Mairn M Hulme

Wild Flowers of Table Mountain - W P U Jackson

Wild Men of Sydney - Cyril Pearl

Wild World - Lonely Planet

Wildlife Wonders of China - Xi Zhinong

Will of The Land - Peter Dettling

William Dobell - James Gleeson

Willow Pattern Story

With Clive i India - G A Henty

With Clive in India - G A Henty Side View

With Roberts To Pretoria - G A Henty

With Roberts To Pretoria - G A Henty 2

Witness to History - Rodney Castleden

Wollumbin - N C Keats

World War II In Photographs - John Pimlott

Wounded Eagle - Peter Ewer


history of HMAS Maryborough - Barney Ogle