A Book of Verse - Francis H. Butler 1902

A Century of Bird Books - Peter Tate

A Dissertation upon the Orders of Columns and their Appendages - John Wood - Side View

A Dissertation upon the Orders of Columns and their Appendages - John Wood Title Page

A History of North Ryde 1850 - 1950

A History of Peak Hill and District 2

A March on London - G A Henty Cover

A March on London - G A Henty Side View

A Month of Sundays - John Updike

A Most Damnable Invention - Stephen R Bown

A Thousand Years of Nonlinear History - Manuel De Landa

ABC Cricket Book - The First 60 Years - Jim Maxwell

Allen Lane - A Personal Portrait - W E Williams

American Journeys - Don Watson

An Anzac's Story - Roy Kyle

An Elementary Treatise of Geology - J A De Luc - Title Page

An Essay towards a Natural History of the Earth and Terrestrial Bodyes - John Woodward Title Page

Ando - Complete Works 1975 - 2012 - Philip Jodidio

Antiquaires - Jean Louis Gaillemin

Art of the Wandjina - I M Crawford

Atrocities of the Pirates - Aaron Smith

Australia Circumnavigated - Kenneth Morgan - Side View

Australia Circumnavigated - Kenneth Morgan 2 Vol Set - Spine

Australian Army - A History - Jeffrey Grey

Australian Genesis - Jewish Convicts and Settlers 1788 - 1850 - Levi & Bergman

Australian Hawk Over the Western Front - Adrian Hellwig

Australiana Group - Spine Out 2

Barbarossa To Berlin - Brian Taylor

Beach Club - Ian Heads

Beerbohm's Literary Caricatures - J G Riewald

Beneath Flanders Fields - Peter Barton Peter Doyle & Johan Vandewalle

Beneath Southern Seas - The Silent Service 2

Birds of Australia - A Photographic Guide - Campbell Woods & Leseberg

Black & White - Celerie Kemble

Blindfold and Alone - Cathryn Corns & John Hughes-Wilson

Book of 100 Home Plans - Australian House and Garden

Boozy Bard - Shakespeare and Drinking

Boys Who Stole The Funeral - Les A Murray

Brainwash - Domonic Streatfelid

Brave New World - Huxley Side View

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase & Fable - Millennium Edition

Britannia at Dartmouth - Captain S W C Pack

Bungonia Caves

Captain Cook - Bi-Centenary 1928

Captain Cook - Exlprations and Reassessments - Gly Williams

Captain Cook - His Life Voyages and Discoveries

Captain Cook Encyclopaedia - John Robson

Captain Cook and the Pacific - McAleer & Rigby

Captain Cook's Journal - Captain W J L Wharton - Title Page

Captain Cook's Journal 1768 - 71 - Side View

Captain Cook's Journal 1768 - 71 - Spine

Captain Cook's Voyages - Side View

Captian Cook Book - Barbette Hayes

Chambers Dictionary of World History

Chinese Architecture - Wang Qijun

Chinese Screen - Fold-Out

Chris Ofili

Christie's Since The War - Denys Sutton

Cities and Civilisations - Side View

Cities and Civilisations - Side View 2

Cities and Civilisations - Side View in Slip-Case

City of Shadows - Peter Doyle

Civilisation of the Renaissance in Italy - Jacob Burckhardt

Classic Georgian Style - Henreietta Spencer Churchill

Coaches Called Here - Allander & Brennan

Collecting Australian Pot Lids - Robert Keil

Colonial Rarities - The Rustic Charm

Commando to Colditz

Cook's Pacific Encounters - National Museum of Australia

Corngrinder - Beverley Johnson

Cracking the Luftwaffe Codes - Gwen Watkins

Crusader Castles - T E Lawrence Side View

Cry the Beloved Country - Alan Paton 2

Cyaniding For Gold - Ion L Idriess

De Luc's Geology - Side View

De Luc's Geology - Spine

Decorative Designs - Graham Rust

Desire - The Shape of Things to Come

Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems - Galileo Galilei Side View

Dr Seuss's Fabulous Fables

Dressing The Man - Alan Flusser

E S Ellis Group

Edinburgh and its Neighbourhood - Hugh Miller Title Page

Edinburgh and its Neighbourhood - Miller Side View

Edinburgh and its Neighbourhood - Miller Spine

Edoardo Chiossone - Museo d'Arte Orientale

Edvardi Luidit - Lithophylacii Britannici Ichnographia - Title Page

Eileen Gray - Philippe Garner

Elephant Man - Treves Side View

Elephant Man - Treves Spine

Elizabethan Underworld - Side View

Encyclopaedia of Australia's Battles - Chris Coulthard-Clark

Ern Malley Affair - Michael Heyward

Erotica 17th - 18th Century - Giles Neret

Et Cetera Et Cetera - Lewis Thomas

Eve's Affairs - Elza Storey

Eve's Affairs - Elza Storey Inscription

Faberge - Court Jeweller to the Tsars

Face of Australia - The Land - The Past

Faces of Manduram

Fairfield - A History of the District - Vance George

Fans From The East - Debrett  V&A

Fear Is The Key - Alistair MacLean

Ferrari Cabriolets & Spyders - Jonathan Thompson 2

Figments of Reality - Stewart & Cohen

First Discovery of Australia and New Guinea - Collingridge

Fishing - The Badminton Library - Cholmondeley-Pennell - 2 Vol Set Side View

Fishing - The Badminton Library - Spine & Cover VIew

Folio Book of Historic Speeches - Cover & Spine

Folio Book of Historic Speeches - Side View

French Army 1750 - 1820 - Rafe Blaufarb

Furniture Silver & Works of Art 2004 - Partridge Fine Arts Etc

Gallipoli 1915 - Tim Travers

Garden of New South Wales - A History of Illawarra & Shoalhaven

Gems of the Official Kilns

Gems of the Wucai Porcelain - Ye Peilan

Geology & Atlas of New Zealand Set - 3

Geology & Atlas of New Zealand Set - Alternative

George Bell - The Art of Influence - June Helmer

Girls next door in erotic Nylons - Uwe Fulleborn

Glorious Golden Ratio - Posamentier & Lehmann

God's Glorious Cration - or The Mighty Marvels of Earth Sea and Sky - Cover

God's Glorious Creation - Side View

God's Glorious Creation - Spine

Gold Fields and Minearl Districts of Victoria - Brough Smyth - Title Page 2

Goldfields and Mineral Districts of Victoria - Brough Smyth - Side View

Goldfields and Mineral Districts of Victoria - Brough Smyth - Spine

Graham Green Set

Great British Journeys - Nicholas Crane

Great Fire of London - Cover & Spine

Great Fire of London - Side View

Great Plague - Cover & Spine

Great Plague - Side View

Greek Pictures - J P Mahaffy

H. M. Bark Endeavour - Ray Parkin

HMS Buffalo - Robert Sexton

Hake's Guide to Comic Character Collectibles 2

Healers of Arnhem Land - John Cawte

Here There and Everywhere - Eric Partridge

Heroes and Villains - Edgar Penzig

History of United States Coinage - David Bowers 2

Hitler's U-Boat War - Clay Blair

How Dry We Were - Henry Lee

How The Rocks Was Won - Owen Magee

How to Read a Country House - Jeremy Musson

Hugging the Shore - John Updike

Human Smoke - Nicholas Baker

Hurricans Over Burma - M C Cotton

Images of Deception - The ARt of Trompe-L'Oeil - Celestine Dars

In The Anzac Spirit - Brian Avery

Infantry Tactics of the Second World War - Bull & Rottman

Israel - Ancient Mosaics 2

Japan - Mini Encyclopedia of Japan

Jeffrey Smart - Unpublished Paintings 1940 - 2007 - Christopher Allen

John Buchan Set

John Perceval - Traudi Allen

Joseph Banks and the English Enlightenment - John Gascoigne 2

Kanji Dictionary - Spahn & Hadamitsky

Kit-Cat Club - Ophelia Field

Land Between Two Rivers - Beverley Earnshaw

Last Journey of William Huskisson - Simon Garfield

Leonard French - Sasha Grishin

Lhudyd's Lithophylacii - Spine

Lhuyd's Ichnographia - Side View

Lhuyd's Lithophylacii - Side View

Lhuyd's Lithophylacii - Side View 2

Life & Work of W. Holman Hunt - Frrar & Meynell

Literature in NSW - Barton Side View

Literature in NSW - Barton Spine

Literature in New South Wales - G B Barton Title Page

Living Daylights - April 1974

Living Daylights - October 1971 2

Lola Montes

Long Time Coming Home - Marjorie Woodrow

Love to the Snowy Shrine

Mad Square - Modernity in German Art 1910 - 37

Madonna - Front Cover

Madonna - Inner Cover 3

Madonna - Inside Cover 2

Mallett - The Needle's Excell

Maltese Falcom - Dashiell Hammett

Man on the Moon - Collector's Edition

Mapping The World - Side View

Mini - Forty Years of Fun - Brian

Mnemosyne - Bill Henson Side View 2

Modern Living - Bringing Modernism Home

More than a life - John Meredith - Keith McKenry

Moscow Vanguard Art 1922 - 1992 - Margarita Tupitsyn

Muscat Command - Peter Thwaites

Natural History of the Earth - John Woodward Title Page 2

No Man's Land - Barbara James

Noddy Goes to Sea

Okapi Fever - Philippe Diole

Once There Was a War - John Steinbeck Side View

One That Got Away - Harry Hill

Original Analects - Saying of Confucius and His Successors

Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Out of the Storm - Derek Wilson

People's Paraphernalia - Flett Kelly Milne

Peranakan Chinese Porcelain - Kee Ming-Yuet

Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture

Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture - Open Cover

Philosophy Politics and Society Set

Picasso - Masterpieces from the Muse Paris - Cover

Picasso - Masterpieces from the Muse Paris - Side View

Pioneers of the Pacific - Rigby van Der Merwe Williams

Poirot and Me - David Suchet

R L Stevenson Set

Rare Books - Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Rare Vegetables - John Organ

Reflections of 2KY - 75 Years of Broadcasting

Religio Medici - Browne Side View

Religio Medici - Browne Spine

Reliquiae Diluvianae - Willaim Buckalnd Title Page

Remembrance of Things Past - Marcel Proust - Set 2

Resolution Journal of Johann Reinhold Forster Set

Return to Tahiti - Douglas Oliver

Richard Sea-And-Yay - Hewlett Spine

Richard Yea-And-Nay - Hewlett Side View

Richard Yea-And-Nay - Hewlett Title Page

Riviera To The Rhine - US Army in WWII

Roadmaster Tyre Calendar 1962 - Partial View

Roadmaster Tyre Calender 1962

Robert Macpherson

Royal Australian Navy - A History - David Stevens

Royal Australina Air Force - A History - Alan Stephens

Rupert Bunny - Artist in Paris

SSucre - The Recipes - Box & Book Display

Scenic Railway - Katoomba Colliery 1933

Seizure of the Gilberts and Marshalls - US Army in WWII

Sent to the Mountain - Valerie Rubie

Sentries - Ed McBain

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors - Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan

Shakespeare and Ovid - Jonathan Bate

Shorter Dictionary of English Furniture - Ralph Edwards

Soho Mint & the Industrialization of Money - Richard Doty

Spanish Inquisition - Side View

Spirit of Gallipoli - Patrick Lindsay

Stones Rolled Away - Henry Drummond

Sydney Harbour - A History - Ian Hoskins

Sydney Parkinson - Artsit of Cook's Endeavour Voyage

Textiles - Art Institute of Chicago 2

Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting - Yang Xin

Tides of History - Michael Reidy

To Hell and Back - Sydney Loch

Tony Tuckson - Daniel Thomas

Tony Tuckson - Daniel Thomas - Side View

Tony Tuckson - Exhibition Catalogue

Training Australina Horses - Robbie Murray

Tributes at Granville

Twelve Days On The Somme - Sidney Rogerson

Under Furred Hats - G L Berrie

United States Exploring Expedition - 2 Vol Set - Spines

Victoria - Geology & Physical Geography - Murray

Victoria - Geology and Physical Geography - Murray - Title Page

Wellington - Rory Muir

Wildflowers in Art

Wildflowers of Western Australia - Gardner

Willam Holman Hunt His Life and Work - Farrar & Meynell Title Page

With Moore at Corunna - G A Henty

With Moore at Corunna - G A Henty Side View

Wolli Creek Valley - A History of Survival - Madden & Muir

Wordsmanship - Claurene du Gran

Work of the Dead - Thomas W. Laqueur

World WAr II 100 - Howard J Langer

Yellow Fever - Jean Larteguy

Young Stalin - Simon Sebag Montefiore