101 Great Australians - S E Tottenham

50th Auction Poster Celebration - Poster Auctions International

A Beautiful Math - Tom Siegried

A Century in the Shire - John Winslow

A Century of Caring - Geoffrey Sherington

A Colonial Regiment - Pamela Statham

A Day in the Zoo - Cover

A Day in the Zoo - Picture

A Fragile Life - Tina Modotti - Mildred Constantine

A History of Dareton and the Coomealla Irrigation Area - Slade & Williams

A History of Narromine and District - Philip King

A History of the Book in Australia 1891-1945 - Lyons & Arnold

A Man of the Sandwich Islands in a Mask 2

A Pirate of Exquisite Mind - Diana & Michael Preston

A Residence in New Zealand - Polack Plate

A Residence in New Zealand - Polack Set Spine

A Residence in New Zealand - Polack Title Page

Acquisition - Philip Clark

Adolf Hitler Bookplate 3

African Art in Cultural Perspective - William Bascom

After America - John Birmingham 2

Afterthoughts On The USSR - Andre Gide

Aggies Immies Shotters and Swirls - Marilyn Barrett

All The Pretty Horses - Cormac McCarthy

Amerika - Franz Kafka

An Illustrated Guide to Sydney 1882 - Gibbs Shallard & Co

Anne Boleyn - Carolly Erickson

Anthony Caro - William Rubin

Arabian Nights - Detmold Folio Society Cover

Arabian Nights - Detmold Folio Society Side View


Art of Africa - Junod Battiss Franz & Grossert

Art of Kate Greenaway - Ina Taylor

Art of Sin City - Frank Miller

Artefacts Melanesian

Arts of Black Africa - Jean Lande

Ashley Book of Knots - Clifford W Ashley

Asmat Art - Dirk Smidt

Australia and the Great Depression - C B Schedvin

Australian Bush Verse - Maynard Waters

Australian Poetry Since 1788 - Lehmann & Gray

Austrian Expressionism - Patrick Warkner

Automatic Pleasures - Nic Costa

Back of Bourke - R L Heathcote

Bacon's Essay Set - Spine & Title Page

Bacon's Essays Set - Side View

Bacon's Essays Set - Spine


Beardsley and his World - Brigid Brophy

Benito Mussolini Bookplate

Berlin Game - Len Deighton 2

Blue Guitar - Hockney & Stevens Colour Plate

Blue Guitar - Hockney & Stevens Cover

Book of Miracles - Kenneth L Woodward

Bookbinding Set -

Bookbinding Set - Edith Diehl Spine

Bookbinding Set - Side View

Boy's Own Annual -  Volume 51

Boy's Own Annual - Vol 37

Boy's Own Annual - Vol 50

Call of the Wild - Jack London

Carpentry - W B McKay

Case for Books - Robert Darnton

Che - Images of a Revolutionary

City Park -

City Park - Gothar Meggendorfer

Close to the Flame - Richard Davis

Cold Blooded - Es De Medici

Collection 2000 Australian Stamps - Cover

Colonial Empres and Armies 1815-1960 - V G Kiernan

Colonization of Australia 1929-42 - Mills

Columbia Chronologies of Asian History and Culture - John Bowman

Comedy of Life - Sir Lionel Lindsay

Complete Jack the Ripper - Donald Rumbelow

Conduct of Field Experiments - P B Lynch

Contemporary Art in Africa - Ulli Beier

Convict Timbergetters of Pennant Hills - Ralph Hawkins

Convict Workers - Nicholas Spine

DavidSyme - C E Sayers

De Avisba - Single Open Page 2

Deeds of Valour - James W Bancroft

Dismissal of a Premier - Bethia Foott

Disney Studio Story -

Don Quixote 4 Vol Set -  Spine & Colour Plate

Don Quixote 4 Vol Set - Spine & Cover

Don Quixote 4 Vol Set - Spine & Title Page

Don Quixote 4 Vol Set - Spine Out

Draughtsmanshiop - R Fraser reekie

Earth Visitors - Kenneth Slessor Cover

Earth Visitors - Kenneth Slessor Title Page

Ecological and Behavioral Methods for the Study of Bats - Side View

Ecological and Behavioural Methods for the Study of Bats - Kunz & Parsons

Economic and Technical Problems of Australia's Rural Industries - D B Williams

Edward Lear and his world - John Lehmann

Edward Prince of Wales Bookplate

Elephants - A Cultural and Natural History

Elizabeth Duchess of York Bookplate 2

Enemy Within - John Demos

Eric Thake Picture Book - Elizabeth Summons

Ethiopan Megic Scross - Jacques Mercier

Evolution of the Victoria Cross - M J Crook

Experiences of a Convict - J E Mortlock

Explorers of the Pacific - Geoffrey Badger

Eyre - Ivan Rudolph

Facing Asia - Daniel Oakman

Fairy Queen - Spencer 2 Vol Set Spine Out

Fairy Queen - Spencer Set Side View

Fairy Queen - Spencer Set Spine & Cover

Femme & Homme De L'Isles 4

Final Solution - David Cesarani

First English Dictionary 1604 - Robert Cawdrey

First Under Heaven - The Art of Asia

Francis Greenway - M H Ellis Side View

Francis Greenway - M H Ellis Spine

Frank Lloyd Wright - Architecture 3s

French Women For All Seasons - Mireille Guiliano

French Womne Don't Get Fat - Mireille Guiliano

From Controversy to Cutting Edge - Mark Lax

From Settlement to City - Ian Auhl

From the Ruins of Colonialism - Chris Healy

Future Indefinite - Noel Coward

Gallipoli - The Road to Jerusalem - Kelvin Crombie

Gates of Dawn - Christian Waller

Gates of Dawn - Christian Waller Title Page

Gates of Dawn - Christian Waller Whale Tale Plate

Geoffrey Bawa - The Complete Works

George Nelson Design

George W Lambert Retrospective - Heroes & Icons

Georgian Architecture in Australia - Max Dupain

Gil Blas 3 Vol Set - Spines 2

Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe - Marija Gimbutas

Golden Tips - a Description of Ceylon and its Great Tea Industry

Grace Cossington Smith - National Galler of Australia

Grande Fanta V. 2 - Ashely Wood Artwork -

Great Breath - Christian Waller

Green Desert -

Gunboat - Bryan Perrett

Gurkhas Special Force - Chris Bellany

Handwritten - Ten Centuries of Manuscripts Treasures

Hawkesbury Settlement Revealed - Jan Barkley-Jack

Hide and Seek - Xan Fielding Side View

History of the Violin - Sandys and Forster

Hobbit - Tolkien Deluxe Edition Box

Hobbit - Tolkien Deluxe Edition Side View

How Household Names Began - Maurice Baren

Humphrey Bogart - Jonathan Coe

Imants Tillers - One World Many visions

In Fear of Security - Anthony Burke

Indigenes Australiens 3

Italian Living Design - Giuseppe Raimondi

James Cook Bookplate 2

James Fitzjames - William Battersby

John Ford Paterson - A Family Tradition

Joinery - W B McKay

Journey to the source of The nile - Christopher Ondaatje

Kerryn & Jackie - Susan Mitchell

Knotwork - Aidan Meehan

Lachlan Macquarie - Journals of his Tours in NSW & Van Diemens Land

Landmarks in Public Works - Coltheart & Fraser

Leave It To PSmith - P G Wodehouse

Letters of Note - Shaun Usher

Lewis Carroll and his World - John Dudney

Libre Secvndvs De Avibvs - Double Open Page

Little Actors' Theatre

Little Actors' Theatre Fold Out Pic

Little Pig's Picnic - Margaret Wise Brown

Local Opposition and Undergournd Resistance to the Japanese in Java - Anton Lucas

Lonely Vigil - Walter Lord

Lord Howe Island Rising - Daphne Nichols

Lord of the Rings - Tolkien Deluxe Edition Box

Lost In Iceland - Sigurgeir Sigurjonsson

Love among the Prawns - Tom Richmond

Lytton's Dramatic Works - 2 Vol Set Spines

Macarthurs of Camden - S M Onslow Spine

Malaria Frontline - Tony Sweeney

Man Who Would Be Jack - David Bullock

Manila Hotel - Beth Day

March - Geraldine Brooks

March - Geraldine Brooks Side View

Mathias Klotz - Architecture and Projects

Maticevski - The Elegant Rebel - Mitchell Oakley Smith

Meinertzhagen Card Index on Netsuke in the Archives of the British Museum 2 Vols - Spine

Meinertzhagen Card Index on Netsuke in the Archives of the British Museum 2Vols - Side View

Memoirs of the Queensland Museum Cultural Heritage Series - Volume 2 Part 1

Meret Oppenheim - Bice Curiger

Metamorphisis of Plants - Goethe

Miles Davis - Ian Carr

Milestones and Memories - Alstonville District

Millers Point - The Urban Village - Fitzgerald & Keating

Milton's Paradise 2 Vol Set - Spine & Cover

Milton's Paradise 2 Vol Set - Spine Out

Monuments of Southern Rhodesia

Mother Goose Favourites Pop Up Book

Mother Goose Pop Up Page

Mr Stuart's Track - John Bailey

Murray of Yarrallumla - Wilson Spine

Murray of Yarralumla - Wilson Title Page

My Brother Jack - George Johnston

My Henry Lawson - Bertha Lawson

My Henry Lawson - Bertha Lawson Title Page

My Picture Book - Bernard Hesling Cover 2

My Schools and Schoolmasters - H Miller

Nationals - Paul Davey

Nazi Dictatorship - Ian Kershaw

Nec Flumini Bookplate 2

New Guard Movement 1931-1935 - Keith Amos

New Wood Architecture - Naomi Stungo

Odd Bods At War 1939-1945

Old Hobart Town and Environs 1802-1855

On The Frontier - Christopher Keating

One Hundred Years Ago - Ian A Ramage

One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

One Hundred Years of Solitude - Marquez Side View

Oppenheimer - The Tragic Intellect -

Oriental Blue & White - Sir Harry Garner

Origins of Irish Convict Transportation to NSW - Bob Reece

Papuan Languages of New Guinea - Willaim A Foley

Paterson of Cyrene - David Walker

Paul Cullen - Citizen and Soldier - Kevin Baker

Photographer In Old Peking - Hedda Morrison

Physiology of Taste - Brillat-Savarin

Picasson & His Collection

Picture Paradise - Asia-Pacific Photograph y1840s-1940s

Pictures of Hungarian Life -

Pictures of Hungarian Life - Julia Clara Byrne Title Page

Pictures of Hungarian Life - Plate

Pictures of Hungarian Life - Side View

Pictures of Hungarian Life - Spine

Pioneers of portland Head - R M Arndell

Place Names of Australia - A W Reed

Politics in the Blood - Paul Davey

Pompeii - Mary Beard

Pompeii - Mary Beard Spine

Pop - Art

Press in the French Revolution - Gilchrist & Murray

Princess Elizabeth of York Bookplate 2

Pyrmont & Ultimo - Under Siege - Fitzgerald & Golder

Queen Victoria's Little Wars - Byron Farwell

Quincy Jones - The Autobiography

Railway Children - Nesbit Side View

Railway Portraits - Voluem Four - Wheatley

Railway Portraits - Volume Two - Wheatley

Ray Crook - 6 Decades of Painting

Religion an Art in Ashanti - R S Rattray

Remote Garrison - Peter Stanley

Rhodesian Genesis - Neville Jones

Richard Avedon Fashion 1944-2000

Richard Meier Architect

Riders in the Chariot - Patrick White

Romance of the Swag - Henry Lawson

Round About The Carpathians - Andrew Crosse Title Page

Round About The Carpathians - Crosse Side View

Round About The Carpathians - Crosse Spine

Rudyard Kipling and his World - Kingsley Amis

Scotland and Australia 1788-1850 - Macmillan

Search for the Inland Sea - Richard Johnson

Second Fleet - Michael Flynn

Settlers and Seditionists - Michael Flynn

Sexual Symbolism - Knight & Wright

Shakespeare's Sonnets - Keith Mitchell

Shakespeare's Sonnets - Keith Mitchell Side view

Shakespeare's Sonnets - Keith Mitchell Title Page

Shaping of Hornsby Shire

Shot-Gun and Sporting Rifle - Stonehenge Side View

Shot-Gun and Sporting Rifle - Stonehenge Spine

Significant Sites - Lenore Coltheart

Siluria - Murchison Side View

Sir Frank Packer - Bridget Griffen-Foley

Smollett's Works - Set Spine Out

Soul of Mbira - Paul F Berliner

Space Invaders -  Australian Strett Stencils Posters Paste-Ups Zines Stickers

Steady Steady - The Life and Music of Seaman Dan

Story of the Royal Hotel & Theatre Royal Sydney - C H Bertie

Stout Hearts for Steep Hills - Joy Brann

Straits Chinese House - Lee & Chen

Surry Hills Backyard - Christopher Keating

Sydney 1842-1992 - Shirley Fitzgerald

Sydney Australia Print 2

Sydney Traders - D R Hainsworth

Sydney's Phantom Book Shops - Isadore Brodsky

Terentii Opera - Spine

Terrentii Opera - Side View

They Came To Australia - Brissenden & Higham

Toys Of The Sixties - Bill Bruegman

Trade Tactics & Territory - Margaret Steven

Two Centuries of Hungarian Painters 1820 - 1970

Undiscovered Pro Hart

Unwilling Emigrants - Hasluck Spine

VC GC Illustrated Handbook of the Victoria Cross & George Cross

Victoria Falls Illustrated - J Desmond Clark

Voyages of Delusion - Glyn Williams

Wahroonga Our Home - Ian A Ramage

Walk Disney's World of Fantasy - Adrian Bailey

War at Home - Daniel Connell

War or Peace - Noel Counihan Plate

War or Peace - Noel Counihan Title Page

We Still Call Wahroonga Our Home - Ian A Ramage

We have not forgotten - Yass & Districts War - Mongan & Reid

Wheels Within Wheels - Lord Montague of Beaulieu

When Physics Became King - Iwan Rhys Morus

Why Did The Heavens Not Darken - Arno J Mayer

Why...and Later - Avoca Beach SLSC

William Carron's Narrative of Kennedy's Cape York Expedition

William Stewart - Sealing Captain Trader and Speculator

Windjammers - Robert Carter

Wireless - Sungook Hong

Wisden On The Ashes - Steven Lynch

Women Work & the Art of Savoir Faire - Mireille Guiliano

Wood Houses - Dominique Gauzin Muller

World Cup - Complete History - Terry Crouch & James Corbett

Written Images - Soren Kierkegaard's Journals Notebooks Booklets

Zimbabew Heritage - Contemporary Visual Arts

time Under Sail - A N T Varzeliotis