100 Best Australian Albums - O'Donnell Creswell & Mathieson

1421 - Gavin Menzies

A Biography of the World's Most Mysterious Number - Posamentier & Lehmann

A CAmeo of Captain Thomas Rowley - Ian A Ramage

A Descriptive Atlas of New Zealand - Spine

A Descriptive Atlas of New Zealand - Title Page

A Golden Age - Art and Society in Hungary 1896-1914

A Grave Look at History - Lionel Gilbert

A Hawkesbury Story - Valerie Ross

A History of Wagga Wagga - Keith Swan

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom - Andrew White

A Homestead History - The Reminiscences and Letters of Alfred Joyce.

A Little Bush Maid - Mary Grant Bruce

A Lovingly Woven Tapestry - Exley College Bowral - Linda Emery

A Merciful Journey - Marden Hordean

A Pictorial History of the Talkies - Daniel Blum

A Thousnald Miles Away - A History of North Queensland to 1920 - G C Bolton

A Vanished World - Roman Vishniac

A Year At Kew - Rupert Smith

Acting Companies and their Plays in Shakespeare's London - Siobhan Keenan

Ad Nauseam - Lorna Robinson

Air Disaster Canberra - Andrew Tink

Air-conditioned Nightmare - Henry Miller

Air-conditioned Nightmare - Henry Miller Spine

Alien Creatures - Richard Siegel & J C Suares

Alpha Beta - John Man

Around The Channon - Pauline Barratt

Art To Wear - Julie Schafler Dale

Art of Decanting - Sandra Jordan

Art of Graeme Base - Julie Watts

Art of The Digital Age - Bruce Wands

Arthur Cayley - Tony Crilly

Astronomy in Western Australia Volume II 1912-1940 - Muriel Utting

Atheist's Bible - Georges Minois

Audrey Hepburn - the Paramount Years - Tony Nourmand

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's - Howell Conant

Australia and the Great Depression - C B Schedvin

Australian Native Gardening - Made Easy - Dick Chadwick 2

Australian Painters - James Gleeson

Australina Birds and their Young - Gladys O'Grady & Terence Lindsey

BMW - A History - Halwart Schrader

Background to Beechworth - Beechworth & District Progress Association

Bags - An Illustrated History - Caroline Cox

Balance & Harmony - Neil Perry

Balenciaga - Lesley Ellis Miller

Baronda - Max Williams Wes Stacey

Beach Crossings - Greg Dening

Beardies Heritage

Beazley - A Biography - Peter FitzSimons

Becoming Shakespeare - Jack Lynch

Beechworth - Tom Griffiths

Billabong Adventures - Mary Grant Bruce

Binding Ties - Tom Frame

Blue Mountains Story - Sturt Gurr & Gwen Harrowsmith

Bob Dylan Scrapbook 1956-1966 - Cover

Bob Dylan Scrapbook 1956-1966 - Side View

Book of Tea - Okakura Kakuzo - Cover

Book of Tea - Okakura Kakuzo - Side View

Book of the Months - Spine

Born On The Hill End Gold Fields - A E Howard

Bossence Honeychurch - W H Bossence

Brave New World Revisited - Aldous Huxley

Buggies & Horse-Drawn Vehicles - Peter Cuffley

Buln Buln - A History of the Buln Buln Shire - Graeme Butler

Burra and District - A Pictorial Memoir - Ian

Bursting The Limits of Time - Martin Rudwick

Cambridge Compaion to Darwin - Hodge & Radick

Cambridge Companion to Darwin - Hodge & Radwick

Carl Jung - Darwin of the Mind - Thomas T. Lawson

Castle to Colony - Meg Vivers

Centenary of Walla Walla NSW 1869 - 1969

Central Power in the Australian Commonwealth - Sir Robert Menzies Title Page

Cezanne Watercolours

Change & Challenge - F A Larcombe

Che - Images of a Revolutionary - Fernanado Garcia & Oscar Sola

Children of the Anzacs - L E Pembroke

Chinee Jade Throughout The Ages - Stanley Charles Nott

Chinese Jade Throughout the Ages - Stanley Charles Nott Side view

City of Shadows - Sydne Police Photographs 1912-1948- Peter Doyle & Caleb Williams

Class of 1935 at War

Classic Cezanne - AGNSW

Classic Fairy Tales - Iona  & Peter Opie

Classic Italian Garden - Judith Chatfield

Colette - Julia Kristeva

Collected Poems - Rupert Brooke

Collectors of Lost Souls - Warwick Anderson

Collins English Dictionary

Commonwealth Book of Cricket - Jim Parks

Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll - Illustrated by John Tenniel

Composers of Today - Ewen Spine

Composers of Today- David Ewen Title Page

Conquest Tribute and Trade - Howard Erlichman

Convict Settlers of Australia - L L Robson

Cook's Cottage

Coonabarabran - Joy Pickette & Mervyn Campbell

Cooper's Creek - Alan Moorehead

Cottage Gardens in Australia - Peter Cuffley

Court Houses in Adelaide 1837 - 1988 - Marisa G. Loren

Cradle Days of Australian Cricket

Cradle Days of Australian Cricket - T P Horan

Crafts and Trades of Japan with Doll and Flower Arrangements

Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts - John Cobley 2

Critique of Practical Reason - Immanuel Kant 2

Cross of Iron - John Mosier

Crossroad - Mark Donaldson VC

Crusader Figural Sculpture in the Holy Land - Moshe Barasch

Culinaria - John Olsen

Curvature of Space Time - Newton Einstein and Gravitation - Harald Fritzsch

Dancing St Dom's Plot - Susan Emilsen

David after David - Essays on the Later Work

De Havilland - Gordon Bain

Death and Disaster - Paul Alexander

Defending the West - Ibn Warraq

Defining Darwin - Michael Ruse

Descent of Man - Charles Darwin

Design of Everyday Things - Donald A Norman

Dialogue of Forms - Milan Pavlik & Vladimir Uher

Diary of the Bicentennial Train - Tony Gogarty & Ron Preston

Dictionary of Idioms and their Origins - Linda & Roger Flavell

Dictionary of Word Origins - Linda & Roger Flavell

Disaster At D- Day - Peter Tsouras

Discoverers of the Snowy Mountains - Elyne Mitchell

Doctors At War - Dr Malcolm Stening

Dreamings of the Desert - Aboriginal dot paintings of the Western Desert

Drive by Ideas - Clare Brown

Dubbo to the turn of the century - 1818-1900 - Marion Dormer

Eagles Hawks and Falcoms of Australia - David Hollands

Edwin Flack - The Lion of Athens - Peter Sweeney

Einstein - The Passions of a Scientist - Barry Parker

Einstein Almanac - Alice Calaprice

Einstein Defiant - Edmund Blair Bolles

Elbert Hubbard's Scrap Book

Elbert Hubbard's Scrap Book - Side View

Encyclopaedia Bontanica - Frances Bodkin

Encyclopedia of Dahlias - Bill McClaren

Encyclopedia of Jazz & Blues - Keith Shadwick

Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa - Joseph Vogel

Epic Voyages of Maude Berridge - Sally Berridge

Fabulous Feasts - Madeleine Pelner Cosman

Faces of the Street - Willaim Street Sydney 1916 - Max Kelly

Famous Magic Secrets - Will Dexter

Farquhar Aberdeen of Moreton Bay - Lynn Aberdeen

Fashion - Cathy Newman

Fashion - the Century of Design 1900-1999 - Charlotte Seeling

Fatal Impact - Alan Moorehead

Ferns in Australia - D L Jones & C J Goudey

Filed Guide to Trees of Southern Africa - Van Wyk

Filthy Shakespeare - Pauline Kiernan

First Footsteps in East Africa - Richard F Burton Spine

First Impact - Dennis Newton

First to Damascus - Jill Duchess of Hamilton

Florence - A Walking Guite to its Architecture - Richard J Goy

Forgotten Flotilla - Michael James

Fossil Beach Cement Works - Mornington Victoria - William Culican & John Taylor

Freehills - A History of Australia's First National Law Firm - Suzanne Welborn

From Sand Swamp and Heath - Peter Murray & John Wells

Frost - Side Veiw

Gables Ghosts and Governors General - C. D. Coulthard-Clark

Galapagos - Life in Motion - Walter Perez & Michael Weisberg

Galileo's Instruments of Credit - Mario Biagioli

Gardens In Time - Dixon & Churchill

Gardens of the Riviera - Vivian Russell

Gift of God Friend of Man - Ian Hudson & Paul Henningham

Ginko Pictures - Venice Biennale 2005 - Gilbert & George

Goldfields - Reminiscences Side View

Goldfields - Reminiscences Spine

Good Nazi - The Life & Lies of Albert Speer - Dan Van Der Vat

Good Wards of Windsor - Olive Lawson

Guilty or Innocent - Mark

Gurrumul - Robert hillman

Gustav Klimt Drawings - Serge Dabarsky

Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion - 6th Edition

Harley-Davidson - An Illustrated History

Hatch and Brood of Time - Volume One - Portia Robinson

Hawkesbury Heritage - Stan Stevens

Historic Notes and Sketches of the Last Frontier

Hopes Windows

Hopes Windows Page

House - Robyn Stacey & Peter Timms 2

Hugh Mahon - Jeff Kildea

Illawarra Mutual Building Society Centenary 1880 - 1980

In Leichhardt's Footsteps - Bruce Simpson

In and Out of Abstraction - Peter Griffen

Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm - Norman Hunter & Heath Robinson

Indes to the Australian Dictionary of Biography Volumes 1 & 2 - Malcomlm Sainty & Michale Flynn

Inside Hitler's Germany - Hughes & Mann

Inuit Art - An Anthology - Alma Houston

Inventing the Skyline - The Architecture of Cass Gilbert - Margaret Heilbrun

Isaac Newton on Mathematical Certainty and Method - Niccolo Guicciardini

Island Economies - Studies from the South Pacific - Te'o I. J. Fairbairn

Italian Encounter with Tudor England - Michael Wyatt

Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners -

Japanese Erotism

Japonisme - Siegfried Wichmann

Jim and Wally - Mary Grant Bruce

Joseph Lycette- Convict Artist

Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile - John Hanning Speke

Journey Among Men - Jock Marshall & Russell Drysdale

Journey Among Men - Jock Marshall & Russell Drysdale 2

Just War and Jihad - Joseph Hoffmann

Kama Sutra - Erotic figures in Indian Art

Keep the Billy Boiling - Brennan & White

Kia Ora Coo-Ee - The Magazine for the ANZACS in the Middle East 1918

King of the Australian Coast - Marsden Hordern

Kirkcudbright - A Logan Family History - Jan McKenzie

Kokoschka - The Artist in Prague

Kylie Fashion

Lachlan Macquarie - John Ritchie

Landmarks in Logic - Side View

Landscape Resources - Upper Yarra Valley Dendenong Ranges

Landscapes of Western Australia

Late Age of Print - Ted Striphas

Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism - Andrew G. Bostom

Legacy of Jihad - Andrew G. Bostom

Life On Air - David Attenborough

Life along the Silk Road - Susan Whitfield

Light Horse - Elyne Mitchell

Locating Medical History - Huisman & Warner

Lost Species - Christopher Kem

Lucky City - The First Generation at Ballarat - 1851 - 1901 - Weston Bate

MAry Bryant  - Jonathan King

Macquarie Country - Bowd

Mad About The Mekong - John Keay

Magic Mirror of M. C. Escher - Bruno Ernst

Maher Cup Story - M V Sheehan

Making of The Australian National University 1946-1996 -

Mambo - Still Life with Franchise

Manet - Velazquez - The French Taste for Spanish Painting - MoMA

Maps & Civilization - Norman J. W. Thrower

Mary Brant Bruce Set - Spine & Cover Out

Mary Grant Bruce Set - Spine no Dustjackets

Mary Reibey - Molly Incognita - Nance Irvine

Masters of Theory - Andrew Warwick

Mathematical Century - Piergiorgio Odifreddi

Melbourne Street Life - Andrew Brown-May

Memphis - Barbara Radice

Middle Parts of Fortune - Frederic Manning Side View

Middle Parts of Fortune - Frederic Manning Spine

Monotheists - F E Peters - Cover

Monotheists - F E Peters Set - Side View

Monotheists - Peters - Spine

More Than Bombs and Bandages - Kirsty Harris

Morgan's Run - Colleen McCullough

Most Obedient Servants - John Dernard Cornell

Mussolini in the First World War- Paul O'Brien

My Story - Julia Gillard

My Word Is My bond - Roger Moore

Ned and The Others - Gary Dean & Dagman Balcarek

Nelson's Home Comforts

Networking - Nick Herd

Nga Mahi A Nga Tupauna - Sir George Grey

Nightingale Fever - Ronald Hingley

Norfolk Island 1788 - 1813 - The People and their families

North Sydney in Profile 1981

Oasis In The West - Michael Jones

Octobriana and the Russian Underground - Petr Sadecky

Old Violins - H R Haweis

On Heroes Hero Worship and the Heroic in History - Thomas Carlyle Title Page

Once There Was A Corner Store - A History of the Owens' Family Business 1876-95

One Thousand New York Buildings - Jorg Brockmann & Bill Harriss

Origin of Species - Charles Darwin -

Origins - Eric Partridge

Our Enemy My Firiend - The Diary of Emma Shelldrake

Out of Italy - Fernand Braudel

Outbakc by Camel - Ellis

Oxford Dictionary of New Words

Oxford History of Australia - Volume 4 - 1901-1942 - Stuart Macintyre

Paddocks Beneath - A History of Burnside from the Beginning - Elizabeth Warburton

Painter Of Passion - The Journal of Eugene Delacroix Side View

Painter of Passion - The Journal of Eugene Delacroix Spine

Parkes - Thirty Years of Radio Astronomyh - Goddard & Milne

Parramatta - the Cradle City of Australia - Frances Pollon

Parramatta Cemeteries - St. Johns - Parramatta and District Historical Society

Passenger Ships of Australia & New Zealand - Vol II - 1913-1980- Peter Plowman

Paul Cezanne - Water Colours - Title Page

People Places & Buildings -

Peppermint Grove - Robert Pascoe

Pepys At Table - Driver & Berriedale-Johnson

Permament Revolution - Mike Brown and the Australian Avante-Garde - Richard Haese

Personal Touch - Dr Glenn Wilson

Philosophy of Karl Popper Part II - edited by Paul Arthur Schilpp

Picasso & His Collection

Pioneeers On Parade - Miles Franklin & Dymphan Cusack

Pioneer Families and Settlement in the Wellington District - Les Anderson

Pioneers In Printing - Sean Jennett

Pioneers of Rugby League - Sean Fagan

Please Sir Let's Do History - Rita Purvis

Portrait of a Marriage - Nigel Nicolson

Press Against The People - E P Dark

Principles of Political Economy - John Stuart Mill

Problems Books 1-19 - Aristotle -  Loeb Classical Library

Pruning of Trees Shrubs & Conifers - George Brown

Querell of Brest - Jean Genet

Quest for the Historical Muhammad - Ibn Warraq

Quirky Qwerty -

Rails to Walhalla - Stephen E Watson

Ready Aye Ready A Century of Life Saving 1906-2006 - Bruce Elger

Reid's Mistake - Keith Clouten


Robert Menzies - A Life - A W Martin

Rodney Recollections 1886 - 1986 - Jim McQualter & Elise Brady

Rolling With The Stones - Bill Wyman

Romance of the Stockman - The Lore Legend and Literature of Austalia's Outback Heroes

Rome from the Ground Up - James McGregor

Second Jubilee - History of St Johns Church of England - Diamond Creek 1867 - 1967

Setting the Record Straight - Carl Scully

Settlement of the Western District - Sherwood Critchett & O'Toole

Settlers and Settlement of Ganmain - Lorna Gilmore

Shakespeare & Co - Stanley Wells

Shakespeare In His Age - F E Halliday

Shakespeare On Toast - Ben Crystal

Shakespeare and Elizabethan Popular Culture - Gillespie & Rhodes

Shakespeare in London - Crawforth Dustagheer & Young

Shelley & Zastrozzi - Self-REvelation of a Neurotic - Eustace Chesser

Shipping History of the Bass Strait Crossing -

Ships in Corio Bay Geelong 1840-1980 - Jack Loney

Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in Two Generations - Gerard Leahy

Shoalhaven - Willaim A Bayley

Shooting Through - Sydney By Tram

Shot down - Alex Kerr

Simple Gifts -

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie - May Gibbs

Sound of the Mountains - Yasunari Kawabata

Spanning The Century - E Marjorie Nix-James

Star Wars - The Complete Vader - Ryder Windham & Peter Vilmur

Still Life with Bottle - Whiskey According to Ralph Steadman

Story of Hebrew - Lewis Glinert

Story of Lansdowne - G W Lilley

Story of P&O - David & Stephen Howarth

Story of Pi - An Imaginary Tale - Paul J Nahin

Student's History of Philosophy - Rogers Spine

Suitcase City - David Bromfield - A study of the work of Thomas Hoareau

Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901 - Johnson & Sainty

Sydney Cove - 1795-1800 - The Second Governor - John Cobley 2

Sydney Cove 1789-1790 - John Cobley

Sydney Cove 1795-1800 - The Second Governor - Vol V - John Cobley

Tales of Marsfield - Dorothy Carmichael

Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers - Doug Ladd & Frank Oberle

Textile Designs - 200 Years of Patterns

The Office Writings - Franz Kafka

The Unknown Alec Guinness - A Life - Garry O'Connor

Thoams Carlyle

Tim Burton - The Exhibition

Tolkien's Gown & Other Stories of Great Austhors and Rare Books - Rick Gekoski

Tom Roberts - Virginia Spate

Tracks and Times - A History of the Pine Reovers District

Tree - John Fowles & Frank Horvat

Trompe L'Oeil Panels And Panoramas - Yannick Guegan

Tupaia - Joan Druett

Two years in Victoria - W howitt - Vol 1

University of Sydney Pen Sketches - allan Gamble

Unknown Quantity - John Derbyshire

Unlikely Orchard - Penelope Layland

Unnatural - Philip Ball

Valley People - Jim Marwood

Victims of Tyranny - Brendan Whiting

Victory In Western Europe - From D-Day to the Nazi Surrender - Patrick Murray

Vintage - The Art of Dressing Up - Tracy Tolkien

Voice The Word The Books - F E Peters

Voyage to Destiny - Richard Pym

Wages of Fear - Geroges Arnaud

Wahroonga - Our Home - Ian A. Ramage

Wall Paper - Dreams of color for the home

Wangaratta - 1824 - 1963 - Spine

Wangaratta - 1824 - 1963 -Side View

Where Strange Paths Go Down - A. M. Duncah-Kemp

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire - Paul Barry

Wild Knight - G K Chesterton Spine

Wild Knight - G K Chesterton Title Page

Wild Spirits - Strong Medicine - African Art and the Wilderness

Wilderness - Balnaves Contemporary  Painting

William Morris As Designer - Ray Watkinson

William Shakespeare - Anthony Holden

Winter In Jerusalem - Blanche d'Alpuget

Wisdom of the Sands - Saint-Exupery

Woden Valley Hospital 1973 - 1983

Woman Who Shot Mussolini - Frances Stonor Saunders

Worst Movie Posters of All Time - Edwards & Cross

Yan Yean - A History - Dianne Edwards

You and Your Children - Zoe Benjamin